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JVS sells over 1,000 products to California Retailers, Bars, and Restaurants from virtually every major alcoholic beverage category.

Our large (and growing!) portfolio includes Modifier, Bitters, Beers, Wines, World Spirits, Brandy, Gin, Tequila, Mezcal, Vodka, World Whisky, Scotch, Rum, and popular American Craft Spirits.


We carefully select the highest quality products in each category in order to constantly exceed customer’s expectations.


Today, JVS sells over 1,000 products to California retailers from virtually every major beverage alcohol category.


You’ll know when you meet a member of the JVS family why our loyal customers have been with us for so many years


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A Message from the President

2022 will be a great milestone for JVS as we celebrate our 25th year in business - we're a quarter of a century old. For a lot of you we will still seem young, which we don't mind 🙂 For Val and I this has been a roller coaster ride.  We started with a couple of...

Just in time for the Holidays – Two Beauties from Penderyn

We couldn't find a more exciting way to begin celebrating the Holiday Season than with these two lovely expressions from Penderyn. US Exclusive Casks with special character seem like the perfect way to share the celebration, joy, and spirit of goodwill that appear so...

Whisky Advocate Reveals Ardnamurchan as a Top 20 Whisky of 2021

In news just released today we were overjoyed to see #Ardnamurch #Highland #SingleMalt honored with the distinction of being called a Top 20 Whisky of 2021 from #WhiskyAdvocate! It goes without saying that an honor like this from one of the most prestigous #Spirits...

Announcing the Winners of the 2021 Whisky and Barrel Nite Consumer Choice Awards!

We were honored and proud to have so many of our expressions well received in this year's Consumer Choice Awards! Congratulations to #Amrut, #Ardnamurchan, #Kilchoman, #GlenAllachie, #HetAnker, #Penderyn , #TheImpExCollection, #Elixir, #SpiritofYorkshire, and #M&H...

M&H Apex Dead Sea has Arrived!

The M&H Apex Series is a culmination of years of work and research that exemplifies our spirit of innovation and creativity. Driven by boldness and an aspiration to reach new heights, we composed our apex - an exclusive opportunity of limited editions.A bottle of...

Round 1 of Adelphi Makes its Debut in the US

We exist to identify the very small number of casks that have produced the ultimate whiskies. The criteria for selection include rarity and maturity, but above all flavour. Adelphi whiskies are both rare and sought after. Each single cask of whisky matures its...

Two Beautiful GlenAllachie Single Casks to Start the Season off Right!

We couldn't think of a better way to start off the season than with these two beautiful new Single Cask offerings from GlenAllachie!   The GlenAllachie 2009 12 yo PX Puncheon Single Cask #5876 Color: Mahagony Nose: Waves of dark chocolate, plantains and figs,...

Check out this Awesome new Single Cask GlenAllachie US Exclusive

The GlenAllachie 2010 10 yo Virgin Oak Single Cask #2483 Color: Sunset Bronze Nose: Cotton candy and sultanas, with white chocolate mocha, glazed cherries, and orange zest. Taste: Grapefruit and orange peel, fused with heather honey, butterscotch, plantains, and...

A new, amazingly delicious Kilchoman ImpEx Cask Evolution has arrived!

If this fantastic photo from Johnny Baldaray wasn't enough to get you wanting to taste this amazing new Single Cask offering from Kilchoman perhaps some words from supportive friends will... Kilchoman Single Cask 2013/203 8 yo Ruby Port Finish 50 ppm 55.9% alc....

Penderyn Icons of Wales No. 7 – Rhiannon has arrived!

PENDERYN DISTILLERY UNVEILS NEW LIMITED-EDITION RHIANNON SINGLE MALT WHISKY, THE LATEST EXPRESSION FROM THE EXCLUSIVE ICONS OF WALES SERIES Named after the powerful enchantress in Welsh folk tales, Penderyn Icons of Wales Rhiannon is the seventh release from the...

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