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California Aqua Vitae: This savory spirit stands well on its own – but could be used as a solid backbone for creative cocktails. The caraway, fennel and dill serve many modifiers well, and the orange peel, ginger and sage brighten the traditional spices. Dare we say a California fusion spirit!

California Fernet: Our Fernet will make its mark on the current amaro landscape. It is rich and complex, yet not overpowering. It is grassier and less sweet than other Fernets on the market, and its 21 roots, herbs and spices are playfully balanced for the drinker.

California Orange Liqueur: The orange flavor is unmistakable and the bitter orange peel creates a deeper, more complex Orange Liqueur that is balanced by pure vanilla bean.  An exciting alternative to traditional orange cocktail modifiers that sort of taste like British orange marmalade with rinds.

California Glögg Liqueur: Made from only seven natural ingredients, glögg liqueur captures the spicy notes from cardamom, cinnamon and cloves and obtains balance from raisins and almonds. The citrus notes come from dried Seville orange peels and the balanced sweetness from pure cane sugar.  Go old school Viking and serve it heated, or mix it in a chilled cocktail California style.  Either way you win!

California Spiced Liqueur: Inspired by our original product and by feedback from bartenders, we tweaked the original recipe of our California Glögg Liqueur, with cocktail friendly results! We decreased the sweetness and increased the alcohol content to 80 proof to stand up in boozier cocktails while still providing a strong spice note.


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