Speaking broadly, back in 2011 Joshua and Jason started the independent bottling company, Single Cask Nation. Unable to leave well enough alone, the duo also launched a tour company called WhiskyGeek Tours. One year later, the duo launched a whisky festival called Whisky Jewbilee across three cities: New York, Chicago, and Seattle. In 2017 they launched One Nation Under Whisky podcast: THE industry insider’s podcast.

Single Cask Nation bottles around 60 casks of whisky per year for the US, UK, EU, Japan, Israeli, and South African markets. In the US SCN boasts a “Retail Range”  and then, separately, an “Online Exclusive” Range which is wholly separate from the retail range.

Single Cask Nation bottles primarily Single Malt Scotch Whisky but dabbles quite a lot in Irish whisky, American whisky (bourbon, rye, and single malt), Indian whisky, English whisky, Welsh whisky, rums, and mezcals. Single Casks are available as exclusives to retail partners and some clubs.

Single Cask Nation hosted the world’s first ever circumnavigation swim around Islay and worked with all 8 Islay distilleries to create “The Great Islay Swim” bottling which has whiskies from all Islay distilleries, aged 10 to 23 years of age, married together in a single quarter cask. This bottling sold for $500 each and all proceeds went to RNLI Islay. A documentary was made for this historic swim and can be VIEWED HERE.

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Blair Athol 10yo, 2nd fill PX Sherry Butt

This cask bottling, distilled March 2011, spent 10 years maturing in a 2nd fill PX Sherry Butt. It was bottled at cask strength in May 2021 at 55.3% ABV. Cask # B42HHH yielded 577 bottles.

Color: Copper

Nose: Deliciously malty and sweet while exhibiting notes of toffee,
malted milk balls, crushed hazelnuts, warm nougat, and chocolate

Palate: Rich and spicy on first entry with a continuing maltiness from the nose that gives way to fruitcake, dark  chocolate, crystallized ginger, and Garibaldi biscuits

Finish: Lingering spice (ground ginger) sits alongside a tart juiciness (think cranberries) while the dark chocolate and fudge notes from before provide a sweet counterpoint

Westport 16yo, 2nd fill Oloroso Sherry Butt

This cask bottling, distilled May 2005, spent 16 years maturing in a 2nd fill Oloroso Sherry Butt. It was bottled at cask strength in May 2021 at 50.6% ABV. Cask # 2112 yielded 577 bottles.

Color: Copper

Nose: A lovely delicate sweetness with notes of warm oak, strawberry jam filling, sponge cake, wax candy lips and candy

Palate: Malty to begin but then toasted hazelnuts, Licorice All-Sorts, and freshly ground coffee beans give way to a pleasantly drying oak and the faintest suggestion of pickled walnuts

Finish: Decent length with returning maltiness, cocoa nibs,
hazelnut skins, and lingering drying oak

Inchgower 13yo, Tawny Port Finish


This cask bottling, distilled July 2007, spent 13 years maturing in a 2nd fill Bourbon Hogshead and finished in a Tawny Port Cask. It was bottled at cask strength in May 2021 at 52.8% ABV. Cask # 668 yielded 227 bottles.

Color: Rosy

Nose: Cereal forward with a certain grassiness that gives way to hints of gingerbread cake, hazelnut skins, and lit incense sticks

Palate: Pleasantly spicy at entry but with big, juicy jammy notes midpalate (think blackberry/strawberry fruits boiling rapidly in your jelly pot!), pay attention around the edges to find the cracked black pepper

Finish: Decent length with abundant Licorice All-Sorts, hints of
ground ginger and cinnamon, and then quietly drying

Linkwood 12yo, Refill Oloroso Sherry Butt

This cask bottling, distilled April 2009, spent 12 years maturing in a Refill Oloroso Sherry Butt. It was bottled at cask strength in May 2021 at 55.5% ABV. Cask # 4815162342 yielded 666 bottles.

Color: White tea

Nose: There’s no holding back here: bright, fresh, floral, and fragrant notes jump over the edges of the glass to greet you! Look for freshly baked bread, warm oatmeal, poached pears in ginger syrup, and
cedar cigar boxes

Palate: Hugely oily texture with ginger spice candies, more poached pears, apple and walnut salad tossed with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a massive crack of black pepper over the top,
and round, warm oak towards the end

Finish: Good length with lingering spiciness and oiliness that becomes
a little waxy down the middle of the tongue

Dumbarton 20yo, Refill Bourbon Hogshead

This cask bottling, distilled November 2000, spent 20 years maturing in a Refill Bourbonn Hogshead. It was bottled at cask strength in May 2021 at 56.7% ABV. Cask # 211552 yielded 229 bottles.

Color: Reflective Gold

Nose: The corn influence is unmistakable with notes of buttered popcorn, vanilla pudding, and hints of caramel flan but there’s also a pleasing wood spice reminiscent of aircraft kits and even linseed oil

Palate: Demonstrates the unctuousness one might expect from corn distillate but the flavors are of sage gently fried in brown butter, spiced gingerbread cookies, and Boston cream donuts

Finish: Yes, the sweetness remains but there’s a wonderful soft
spiciness that quietly builds around the edges

M&H Distillery 3yo, 1st fill Bourbon Barrel

This cask bottling, distilled September 2017, spent 3 years maturing in a 1st fill Bourbon Barrel. It was bottled at cask strength in May 2021 at 59.3% ABV. Cask # 228 yielded 201 bottles.

Color: Reflective Gold

Nose: Quite soft at first sniff with notes of sweet cereal, candy necklaces, ripe fruit, vanilla pods, and a peppery peatiness

Palate: Unctuous (as expected) with warming pepper and hints of
cinnamon but with creamy, sweet vanilla, more ripe fruit, and toasted hazelnuts

Finish: Remains rich and unctuous with sweet cereal and lingering
peppery peat

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