Murray McDavid was established in 1994 and very quickly became a leading independent bottler of Scotch whisky. It was one of the first companies to start using a variety of interesting casks in the Art of Maturation to produce inspired Scotch whisky. Today, the brand has been refreshed and is based at Coleburn Distillery in Speyside, Scotland’s largest whisky producing area.

Our traditional Victorian dunnage warehouses hold thousands of barrels of whisky from over ninety different distilleries – perhaps the greatest variety of cask whisky under one roof. With this stock, our Whisky Creations Team can bottle a diverse range of top-quality single malt and single grain whiskies, as well as create outstanding and innovative blends.

Macallan 1997

18 yr old


Distilled at one of the most famous whisky producers in Scotland, this is a fine example of a Macallan single malt. With some of the shortest stills in the industry, Macallan’s robust, rich and oily spirit allows for maturation in full-bodied first fill casks.

Aroma: green apples, floral, candied sweets, melon.

Taste: toffee apple, spicy caramelised pears, porridge.

Mortlach 1997

19 yr old


In 1823, Mortlach was the first licensed distillery in Dufftown and was built around the abbey which gives it its name. They distil a complicated 2.81 times which creates their signature robust and fruity expression.

Aroma: golden barley, tropical fruits, honeydew melon.

Taste:  peaches and cream, pears, tarte aux citron.

Tobermory 1995

20 yr old


On the north east coast of the Isle of Mull, you’ll find an ancient distillery, in the picturesque fishing town of Tobermory. Having spent most of its life in a bourbon barrel, our Whisky Creations Team filled this spirit into a fresh Madeira wine barrique.

Aroma: citrus, marmalade, treacle, toffee, orange peel.

Taste: chocolate orange, freshly ground coffee, cinnamon.

Glen Scotia 1991

25 yr old


From the once vibrant whisky producing region of Campbeltown, Glen Scotia is one of a handful of distilleries that remain in operation today. We present this powerful Scotch whisky after maturation in a fresh Pinot Noir wine cask.

Aroma: powerful fruity punch, dark forest fruits.

Taste: dark chocolate, liqueur-soaked cherries.

Bowmore 2001

15 yr old


Founded in 1779, Bowmore is the oldest working distillery on the Isle of Islay. Its delicately peated, well-balanced spirit has been an inspiration for many a whisky lover for many years. This Bowmore single malt has been matured for its final four years in a fresh port pipe.

Aroma: sea spray with a hint of smoke, peaty, perfume.

Taste: earthy, bitter sweet, medicinal and sweet smoke.

Fettercairn 1997

19 yr old


Set in the foothills of the Cairngorm Mountains, Fettercairn is a traditional distillery producing a full-bodied single malt. The picturesque distillery is one of the few active stills in the eastern Highlands of Scotland. We have guided this classic malt through a series of bourbon barrels.

Aroma: candy, toffee apple, floral, pear drops.

Taste: tangerines, mandarin green tea, roasted chestnuts.

Craigellachie 2007

8 yr old


The Craigellachie Distillery is an unmissable sight, with its traditional pagoda and glass-walled stillhouse in the heart of Speyside. Proudly displayed are their handsome copper stills, easily seen from the outside, giving you an idea of the power that makes Scotch whisky.

Aroma: young, malty, oatcakes, grapefruit.

Taste: sweet, fruity, citrus, lemon peel, honey.

Laphroaig 1999

17 yr old


Laphroaig Distillery famously produces one of the peatiest whiskies in the world. The peat bogs on Islay are built up over thousands of years and it is this peat which is used to create their iconic spirits.

Aroma: sugared almonds, medicinal, sea spray.

Taste: sweet peat, oak spice, pine, hazelnut.

Darach Ruadh III

1995 20 yr old


This Mystery Malt comes from a quirky distillery within sight of the Ben Rinnes mountain overlooking Speyside. This unsung hero of Speyside is used in world famous blends. Today, we present it to you under the name Darach Ruadh (red oak) for a tremendous solo appearance.

Aroma: powerful fruits, rum and raisin, treacle.

Taste: black cherries, citrus, cinnamon.

Loch Lomond 1996

19 yr old


Our Loch Lomond single grain whisky has been maturing for 19 years in a variety of American oak casks, previously holding bourbon. For its final twelve months, this whisky has rested in specially selected, small barrels from Koval Distillery in Chicago.

Aroma: buttery, vanilla, coconut, fudge.

Taste: cinnamon rolls, cloves, toasted oak, hazelnut.

Coinnich 1995

21 yr old


This delightfully aromatic vatting is a coming together of eight eminent single malt whiskies from the five whisky regions of Scotland. After twenty-one years in oak, this blend of malts, including Highland Park and Laphroaig, has produced a great depth of flavour and bouquet.

Aroma: light sherried fruits, pastries, rich Christmas cake.

Taste: sweet fruits, sweet malt, touch of peat.

Peatside 2010

6 yr old


The serendipity of blending gives rise to wonderful creations. Our Peatside is a vatting of single malts from unexpected origins, matured in American oak followed by freshly emptied Port and PX casks. This combination showcases the flavours shining from the barrels collected from around Europe.

Aroma: spiced berries, strawberry, creamy vanilla, leather.

Taste: fruity, shortcrust pastry, spice, smoked bacon.

Bodach Aislig 1980

36 yr old


This is a blend crafted from fine old single malt and single grain whiskies – Glenrothes, Glengoyne, Bunnahabhain, Tamdhu, Port Dundas, Cameronbridge and North British. Having been married together, these vintage spirits were further matured at our Coleburn Distillery dunnage warehouses.

Aroma: waxy, orange, Christmas cake, peat.

Taste: sweet peat, orange peel, char, marmalade.

Ordha Meas 2003

13 yr old


Our Òrdha Meas has been crafted from first-class single malt and single grain whiskies including Highland Park, Glenrothes, Glengoyne, Port Dundas and Cameronbridge. After marrying together, these spirits were left to rest in Sherry casks at our traditional dunnage warehouses at Coleburn Distillery.

Aroma: honeyed fruits, toasted oats, biscuit, currants.

Taste: sweet creamy vanilla, soft oak, clove.

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