“Like many good things that happen in life, sometimes it begins more with need than with taste”
Our tradition dates back to the end of the 19th century, in the past time of Santa Catarina Minas, when everything in agave spirits was very different, totally discordant to what it now means in our lives.
We know from family talks that our mentor in agave spirits was the great-grandfather Don Francisco Ángeles – “Papa Chico” as he was known in the town. “Papá Chico” was the first link in the forging of the family legacy. “It is the root of Real Minero”.
Our ancestors have told us that the conditions of yesteryear in the profession of “making agave spirits” were very precarious. It was not possible to dedicate themselves to another activity in the entire region and this work was done out of mere necessity, since it represented the only source of income to acquire what they did not produce. Originally the name that was given to those who produced these spirits until the beginning of the XXI century, was that of “palanqueros”.
Our father -Lorenzo Ángeles Mendoza- from an early age began in this work at the hand of his mentor, the great-grandfather “Papa Chico”. Reluctantly and with no options to dedicate himself to another activity at that time, he learned under strict rigor the trade of making good agave spirits.
In 2015 we began our exportation to the US William Scanlan III said, “I waited patiently 3 years before I could make the first shipment. In that year, for the first time the label was made in another language. Likewise, the technical sheet was expanded and we began to write down the percentages of maguey in each mixture.”
Today Real Minero is a respected and award winning brand recognized across the US and in the hearts and on the tables of many homes.  It is clay pot distilled with distillation levels of less that 10,000 L per year by Edgar Angeles, the man behind Real Miero today, and made with traditional techniques out in Santa Catarina Minas
Please enjoy our spirits today!


Real Minero Barril (Agave Karwinskii) Mexico 49.90% 750 ml 6

Nose: Smoked meats, chipotle, cocoa

Palate: Cinnamon, white pepper, clay, black tea, chili powder, manzania apple

This Real Minero Expression is made using the Barril variety of agave, which isn’t seen all that often. The name “barril” comes from how the plant looks – it’s sort of barrel shaped! The resulting spirit is rather interesting indeed, with full-bodied tropical fruit and vanilla notes, joined by a touch of minerals and smoke along the way.

Real Minero Largo (Agave Karwinskii) Mexico 47.80% 750 ml 6

Nose: Thai Basil, coconut meat, sulfur

Palate: White pepper, high salinity, roasted peanuts, jalapeño

Real Minero Blend of 4 (Barril, Largo, Tripon, Espadin) Mexico 46.90% 750 ml 6

An ensemble of agave varieties go in to this Real Minero Expression. Espadín, Largo, Tripón and Barril all have their place in developing the flavour profile of this Mexican spirit, which was rested in glass containers from 2004 to 2014. A rich expression, packed full of herbaceous tea, earthy smoke and a touch of fruit.

Real Minero Pechuga (distilled with fruits) Mexico 51.70% 750 ml 6

Nose: Dried Thyme, walnuts, prunes, and yellow raisins

Palate: Sweet prunes, mushrooms, mustard seed, bee pollen, and raisin

Real Minero Tobala (Potatorum) Mexico 49.50% 750 ml 6

Nose: White pepper, ripe banana, jalapeno, orange zest

Palate: Banana bread, coconut, and chipotle

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