Rey Campero Mezcals

Rey Campero Cuishe (Agave Karwinskii) Mexico 48.10% 750 ml 6

Nose: White chocolate, guava, English peas

Palate: Espresso, white chocolate, snow peas, roasted green bell peppers

Rey Campero Espadin (Angustifolia Haw) Mexico 48.00% 750 ml 6

Nose: Alfalfa, green bell pepper, wet slate, hint of sweet tobacco

Palate: Fresh tarragon, charcoal, jalapeno, caramel apple

Rey Campero Jabali (Convallis) Mexico 49.00% 750 ml 6

Nose: Braeburn apple, lemon verbena, and leche

Palate: Lingering smoke, lemon zest, jasmine, and coconut oil

Rey Campero Madre Cuishe (Agave Karwinskii) Mexico 48.60% 750 ml 6

Nose: Hay, cantalope, charcoal, orange zest, apricot

Palate: Custard, white chocolate, wet cement, ripe banana, baked stone fruit

Rey Campero Mexicano (Rhodacantha) Mexico 48.60% 750 ml 6

Nose: Vanilla bean, sweet tea, cayenne, and pine nuts

Palate: Smoked cedar, dried grass, and espresso

Rey Campero Tepextate (Mamorata) Mexico 48.90% 750 ml 6

Rey Campero Tobala (Potatorum) Mexico 48.90% 750 ml 6

Nose: Butterscotch, white chocolate, and stone rock

Palate: Cedar, cinnamon, marshmallow, tajin, and granite

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