In the year 2009, in a quaint little village Indri, India, the sweetest stalks of sugarcane were picked, the juice distilled and placed in 956 American Oak casks.

This spirit sat patiently interacting with the wood – gaining color, flavor, and character as time rolled by. When the spirit was finally drawn from the barrels it was a sight to behold; a stunning golden elixir that the distillers immediately christened ‘Camikara’ literally meaning liquid gold, a name of Sanskrit derivation, keeping true to our Indian heritage at Piccadily Distilleries.

12 summers have passed and the Juice Maker has finally unveiled his creation. 3,600 bottles of the finest, purest cane juice rum ever distilled in India, out of which 1,200 bottles made their way to the United States of America.

Not to mention, the first of its kind. This rum has been aged in American Oak barrels and a mere 6.6% of the original filled quantity remains to be savored by us mortals.

There is no addition of color, flavor, sugar, or spice making this a delicious sipping rum best enjoyed neat!

50% abv.

On the nose you are greeted with a bouquet of aromas – honey, ginger, toffee, raisin, prunes, and leather. A deeper whiff reveals the wood.

The first sip brings a marriage of honey, vanilla, & bitter chocolate. Further savoring reveals ripe bananas, orange peels, dark chocolate, & charred wood.+

When you put down the glass, you will be left with the satiety of enjoying a delicious fruit cake, making you want for more…

A complex sipping rum best enjoyed neat!

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