We exist to identify the very small number of casks that have produced the ultimate whiskies. The criteria for selection include rarity and maturity, but above all flavour. Adelphi whiskies are both rare and sought after.

Each single cask of whisky matures its contents very differently, imparting its own character to the whisky it holds and, as a result, there are never two Adelphis quite the same.

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Adelphi 2007 16 yo ‘Breath of the Isles’

Matured in an Oak Cask
57.1% abv
340 Bottles

Nose: Toasted sultana buns with salted butter and toffee apple.

Palate: A gentle breeze of sea air along with marmalade, fudge, and baking spices.

Finish: Sultanas and salted chocolate linger.

Adelphi 2009 13 yo Caol Ila

Cask #314101
Matured in a refill ex-Bourbon Barrel
53.9% abv.
291 Bottles

Nose: Smoked mackerel, swimming pool aromas, aniseed, Nordic cracker bread with heavily salted butter.

Palate: Sooty embers, brioche, sea salt ice cream and salted popcorn.

Finish: Light-medium body, medium finish.

Adelphi 2009 13 yo Dailuaine

Cask #313233
Matured in a first fill American Oak Sherry Hogshead
54.9% abv.
297 Bottles

Nose: Orange marmalade, burnt orange twist, sweet puff pastry, and cream soda.

Palate: Tobacco leaf, richer oiled leather, dried cranberry, tangy, dry and spicy.

Finish: Oily, viscous, thick texture; rich, lengthy finish.

Adelphi 2008 14 yo Glen Elgin

Cask #805295
Matured in a first fill Spanish Oloroso Sherry Hogshead
55% abv.
249 Bottles

Nose: Apple crisp, clove, dried apricot, sultana, and the back of an old Oak drawer.

Palate: Prunes, figs, cinnamon, candied/caramelized ginger, and bay leaf.

Finish: Soft but lingering mouthfeel.

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