Lemon Hart Original 1804
Lemon Hart & Son’s Original 1804, established over 200 years ago, is a premium blend of select 100% Demerara rums delivering the authentic British-style black rum flavour.  Lemon Hart Original 1804 is award winning for its rich flavour, full-bodied complexity and velvety smooth taste.

Blackpool Spiced Rum

Lemon Hart & Son’s Blackpool is a truly exceptional black spiced rum. Bold, full flavoured, eminently smooth, 86 proof. Over ice, simply sublime. Mixed, adventurously awakening. A masterful tribute to the rum-making craft and tradition passed down through the generations of Lemon Hart & Son.

Lemon Hart 151

A true legend on overproof rums and the “gold standard” sought after and coveted by rum enthusiasts worldwide. Many rum aficionados believe that there simply is no substitute for Lemon Hart 151. Called for by name in many classic Tiki drinks and often the “secret ingredient” in many cocktails, Lemon Hart 151 remains the epitome of exceptional rum.

Diamond Reserve Dark Rum

The Taste of the Caribbean: an enchanting fusion of authentic Demerara rums having a smooth finish with a full bodied taste with hints of molasses and candied caramel – delivers a unique Caribbean flavour with a balanced taste and aroma.
Tasting Notes: Subtle notes of woody character, with hints of cane sugar notes and burnt caramel. A full bodied palate followed by a lingering aft ertaste of bittersweet chocolate and caramel.

Diamond Reserve Superior White Rum

The Taste of the Caribbean: an enchanting fusion of authentic Demerara rums with harmonious aromas, its versatility makes it the ideal mixer for long cool cocktails – refreshingly simple or excitingly exotic.
Tasting Notes: A light rum with cane sugar aromas with subtle hints of creaminess in the background. Smooth and delicate on the palate with subtle flamours. The rich sugar plantations of Guyana yield the purest of rums. This white rum is the heart of a thousand exquisite cocktails.

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