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The Ardnamurchan peninsula is a wonderfully remote “finger” of rocky land that stretches out to the furthest westerly point of the UK, just to the north of the Isle of Mull, and south of the Isle of Skye. It is accessed initially by a small ferry, and then by a narrow and twisty single track road.

It’s famous for its outstanding and untouched beauty and abundance of natural resources.
The Ardnamurchan Distillery opened in July 2014 and is situated half way along the peninsula in the small village of Glenbeg. It was designed to both look like a distillery, and also fit in with the surrounding buildings.

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Ardnamurchan Small Batch



Bottle specs:
Six bottles/case 700ml bottle
Blockchain enabled through QR code
100% recycled carton

Whisky specs:
35% Sherry cask/ 65% Ex Bourbon cask
50/50 Split Peated & Unpeated
Un-chillfiltered, Natural Color, 46.8% abv

Nose Nutmeg, toffee apple, Crème brûlée, linseed, Seville oranges, cardamom, Manuka honey, nougat, saltwater, and driftwood.

Palate Grapefruit marmalade, flamed orange peel, ripe pear, peach, sweet soy sauce, gentle minerals, warming Sichuan pepper, and campfire.

Top 20 Whiskies of 2021 – Whisky Advocate 93 Points

2021 Las Vegas Global Spirit Awards – Platinum

2021 Whisky and Barrel Nite Consumer Choice Awards – Gold

Ardnamurchan Cask Strength

Bottle specs:
12,886 bottles worldwide
Six bottles/case
700ml bottle
Blockchain enabled through QR code
Tissue wrapped

Whisky specs:
84% Peated Spirit/16% Unpeated Spirit
90% Bourbon casks/10% Sherry casks
Unchill filtered
No Color Added
58.7% ABV

Nose: Pear and almond tart, sea salt, wet hessian, flapjacks, sea shells, and peppermint tea.

Palate: Fresh ginger, tobacco leaf, integrated peat, orange blossom, and salted caramel with great texture.

Ardnamurchan 2015 Peated Bourbon Single Cask AD/CK578P 09:15

Bottle specs:
Six bottles/case
700 ml bottle
Blockchain enabled through QR
Cask out-turn 240 bottles

Whisky specs:
Concerto Barley from Broomhall Farm
Peated Spirit
No Color Added
58.1% abv

Coast. Bonfire on the beach. Charcoaled marshmallows. Rich long finish.

Ardnamurchan Single Cask AD/CK.632 09:15 US Exclusive

Bottle specs:
327 bottles, US Exclusive
Six bottles/case, 700ml bottle
Blockchain enabled through QR code.
Copper tag, Tissue wrap

Whisky specs:
Cask Type: Spanish Oak Oloroso Hogshead
Spirit Type: Peated
Vintage: 2015
Cask NO: 632
Barley variety: Concerto
Farm Name: Broomhall
Field Name: Brucefield
Un-chillfiltered, Natural Color, 59.8% abv

Smoked bacon and maple syrup with dark cherries and salty licorice.

Ardnamurchan Single Cask AD/CK.187 05:15 US Exclusive

Bottle specs: 269 bottles US market only, Six bottles/case 700ml bottle, Blockchain enabled through QR code.
Copper tag, Tissue wrap

Whisky specs: Unpeated, Bourbon Barrel, Un-chillfiltered, Natural Colour, 59.4% abv

Waxy orange peel and heather honey with salted caramel and mint chocolate.

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