Exceptional Quality Single Malt Whiskies – Their mantra is “Size Matters” let us explain…. The Firkin is an 8 gallon cask. It’s 1/4 of a barrel which is 32 gallons. What’s the result… more whisky kissing the wood.

Firkin uses hand built, two wood bespoke casks crafted from American and French oak staves for their finishing : the result : Firkin awesome single malt. Bottled as single casks in numbered bottles. Non chill filtered, 48.9% strength, no color added – finished by pairing with a soulmate fortified wine cask.

After more than 40 years of crafting outstanding whiskies including The Classic Malts, Johnnie Walker Blue Label and the Rare Malts Selection, whisky veteran Mike Collings met Robin Tucek of Blackadder Whisky fame in a bar in Tokyo.

Over a glass or two of Scotland’s finest drams, both agreed that everything was getting too serious in the world of Single Malts and the time had come for a new approach, and so The Firkin Whisky Company was born.

Named after a firkin, one of the smallest of the oak casks, the company’s aim is to make malt whisky fun to explore, injecting more enjoyment and creating new malt conversations.

All whiskies for The Firkin Whisky Co. are selected from Scotland’s finest single malt distilleries and then given a secondary maturation in bespoke casks, hand built from American and French oak thus delivering a unique oak profile. Each whisky is then matched to a particular fortified wine which enhances and complements the unique character of the original whisky.

The end result? Special casks equal special whisky or put more succinctly ‘Firkin Awesome Single Malts’.

The Firkin Rare

A rare and unusual cask of Ardmore Peated Single Malt 2011. Double matured first in Bourbon and then in bespoke Marsala oak casks. A superb release which has all the right flavours by the spadeful.

Big dose of fresh peated malt to coffee infused oak and ends with bonfire smoke. Complimented by a lingering sensation of dry smokiness – A Rare Firkin indeed.

The Firkin 49

Firkin 49, I hear you ask? This distillery and yours trulywere founded in ’49. This is an absolute cracker. It’s kinda long, but narrow and jam-packed with creamy butterscotch toffee, crisp mal and some fruity oak. It hangs around in the mouth with tad of cinnamon and sweet biscuit. A Firkin charmer indeed.

The Firkin Islay

Kapow! Smoke! Call the Fire Brigade. A huge waft of peat and smoke. You only need to dig a little to savour the malt and creamy oak which hold it together. This has everything: big burning embers, smoky bonfire, a tad of oak and peppery lively spirit. So chewy and smoky. Another Firkin original Islay.

The Firkin Ten

There’s a time when you need a dram. Whether you have had a hell of a day, you want time for reflection or just get over jet lag. This is the perfect Firkin solution. Bright, lively and a pantry full of kitchen spice and creamy malt. The spirit will enliven and intrigue you and it hangs around to remind you that life is so Firkin good.

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