Rational Spirits/ Lost Spirits

Charleston, SC

The brainchild of Bryan Davis and Joanne Haruta, Rational Spirits/ Lost Spirits is distilled by an autonomous computer system called TESSA. The distillate that TESSA makes is then run through their secret process that, in 6 days, transforms it from new make into an aged spirit that has acetyl concentrations comparable to between 15 years and 20 years in oak. This process also produces volatile range compounds in the spirit’s chemical fingerprint that are incredibly similar to long-term aged spirits when analyzed with a mass spectrometer. Their process uses no additives, no flavorings, nor any coloring agents. Basically they are using science to allow booze to time travel!

Santeria Rum 92 proof 6/750m1- Santeria ratchets up heavy pot still rum to a whole new level. The wave of lush tropical fruit aromas are tightly balanced against the smoky charred and toasted American oak. The result is a dense and decadent rum unlike anything we have ever made before. Ingredients: fermented & distilled molasses, bacterially fermented molasses “dunder”, virgin American oak.

Cuban Inspired Rum 90 proof and 141 proof 6/750m1- The Rational Spirits iteration of the Lost Spirits Classic. The Cuban Inspired Rum is an attempt to express the seductive and dangerous idea of the femme fatale in the form of rum. This 141 proof rum has long been Joanne’s favorite. It makes a great simple daiquiri if you are afraid to sip it neat.

Warning: This is a sipable 141 proof rum – be careful. Ingredients: fermented & distilled molasses, virgin American oak.

Abomination Single Malt 6/750m1- Abomination represents the merger of their latest techno-logical developments with an imported 45-55 ppm peated malt sourced from an island sacred to us all, which they are not at liberty to disclose. The flavor is rich apricots in a fierce battle with peat smoke.

Rattleback Rye 122.4 proof 6/750m1- Emblematic of their characteristic style, the rye balances an intense oaky depth, against the classic fruit aromas of American whiskey, the spice of rye, and the cascading dried fruit and richness of sherry wood maturation. At 61% abv, this rye is as intense as it gets. Ingredients: fermented &distilled rye & barley grains, sherry seasoned American oak.

Rattleback Rye Chestnut Matured – In the 19th century, aging barrels could have been made from either oak or chestnut. Both casks appear to be common enough to be traded on the 19th century commodity exchanges. However, with the onset of the chestnut blight, this wood is now facing effective extinction. This means that it can not be used for barrels, however, Bryan and Dr. Wynn Sanders (of Rattleback rye) have found a way to reclaim old chestnut wood furniture and use that with their technologically advanced maturation process to produce the first fully matured chestnut wood whisky in decades!

Navy Style Rum – The 68% “navy rum” was designed-to taste like what we imagined the rum of the Pirates of the Caribbean series would taste (The fermentation involved carefully chosen bacteria strains to develop richer flavors, and the aging was tuned to produce more phenolic smoky aromas than nature would allow. The International Rum XP’s award the Navy Rum with two gold medals in two categories, including the coveted best in class medal.

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