Lost Spirits

The brainchild of Bryan Davis and Joanne Haruta,  Lost Spirits is distilled by an autonomous computer system called TESSA. The distillate that TESSA makes is then run through their secret process that, in 6 days, transforms it from new make into an aged spirit that has acetyl concentrations comparable to between 15 years and 20 years in oak. This process also produces volatile range compounds in the spirit’s chemical fingerprint that are incredibly similar to long-term aged spirits when analyzed with a mass spectrometer. Their process uses no additives, no flavorings, nor any coloring agents. Basically they are using science to allow booze to time travel!

​Lost Spirits creations have been winning awards for almost a decade.

Here are some highlights:

Best Distillery Tour in the World, 2018
– Drinks International

Global Master Award, 2018
– The Spirits Business UK

Best Distillery Experience, 2018
– American Distilling Institute

A complex and intensely rich and flavorful rum made using grade ‘A’ molasses
61% ABV
Non chill-filtered
Unadulterated: No coloring, flavorings or sugar added
Toasted and charred virgin American oak

A pungent “funky” rum imported from Jamaica and matured in California using charred and toasted new American oak.
All of the intense indescribable fruit of a punchy Jamaican with Lost Spirits’ trademark Oak derived richness and depth.

Dangerously sip-able at 151 proof.
Our Cuban Inspired 151 is one of our favorites.
​Undiluted at 75.5% ABV
Unadulterated: No coloring, flavorings, or sugar added
Toasted Oak, virgin, un-charred.

An elegant nightmare weaving together lush fruit, deep smoke, and a silky richness that beguiles even those to oppose the very existence of the abomination range.
​Undiluted at 54% ABV
Non chill-filtered
Unadultured: No coloring added, no flavoring added
Peated to approximately 45-55ppm
Toasted Oak, Late Harvest Riesling seasoned

Bold and masculine, this expression of Abomination conjures the fire and brimstone side of peat smoke with cascading waves of a sippable complex fruity bonfire.
​Undiluted at 54% ABV
Non chill-filtered
Unadultured: No coloring added, no flavoring added
Peated to approximately 45-55ppm.
Heavily charred, and late harvest Riesling seasoned, Oak

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