Tequila Confianza

Confianza is produced and bottled at Feliciano Vivanco in Arandes, Jalisco, Mexico.. the Southern part of Los Altos (Highlands). It is 100% Family Owned. NOM 1414

The brand showcases Agave and Trust (Confianza).  The Agave is a beautiful plant that offers us a great gift. Trust is intertwined throughout the entire process from earth to glass, between the Agave and the people.

The Tequila is carefully handcrafted from 100% Blue Agave grown under Organic Farming practices. The Agave is harvested, chopped, and cooked in brick ovens (Hornos) for 24 hours and then rested for 24 hours. The cooked agave is put through a roller mill to squeeze the agave and extract the juice from the pulp. The juice is then stored in stainless steel vats and goes through a long fermentation (5-9 days). During the fermentation, something very special is done… Classical music is played to stimulate the yeast. The fermentation is then double distilled in copper stills. The heads and tails are discarded and only the precious hearts remain.

Tequila Confianza Blanco

750 ml, 40% alc.

These precious hearts are bottled up as Confianza Blanco

Nose: Sweet aromas of cooked agave. With honey, citrus & floral notes.

Taste: A Soft and silky entry, with sweet cooked agave, pepper, & floral accents.

Finish: A long finish with a sweet and peppery fade.

Tequila Confianza Reposado

750 ml, 40% alc.

The tequila not bottled as Blanco is then filled into used Bourbon Barrels to rest for a period of time. Confianza Reposado is aged for 6 months before the best barrels are selected and blended to bottle and enjoy.



 Aroma: Sweet cooked agave, cinnamon, ripe fruit and oak.

Initial Taste: Woody agave, lots of cinnamon and berries.

Body: Medium thickness and nice oily body. The agave pepper, oak and cinnamon mix well and the oily body makes a great feel on the palate.

Finish: Lots of pepper and baking spices tingle on the tongue. The oak presents itself with a nice chocolate ending to go with the spices.

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