“Inspired by our city of Tel Aviv, we fulfilled our dream and established Israel’s first whisky distillery. Since 2012, our passionate and dedicated team, under the expert guidance of the late Dr. Jim Swan, has boldly crafted single malt spirits. Our whiskies are the result of our innovative essence and meticulous cask selection, perfected by the hot and humid climate of vibrant Tel Aviv. Our unwavering vision has shaped our whisky into a smooth, balanced, and surprisingly complex spirit.

Casks Selection:

Our casks are selected after a meticulous screening process, with thought and planning for years ahead. In addition to the core range (ex-bourbon, ex-wine casks, STR casks) we constantly seek for new and interesting casks like pomegranate wine, kosher sherry, rum, etc.”

Double Cask


This special edition of our Whisky in Bloom has characteristics that will reflect our future classic single malt whisky.

A unique double cask bottling: ex-red wine (STR) and ex-bourbon, aged for only 24 months. Surprisingly well-balanced and smooth, with dominant notes of vanilla and oak.

Aroma: A delicate smell of vanilla together with sweetness followed by delicate citrus fruits

Palate: Medium body, sweet flavors of vanilla and honey predominate at first, accompanied by sweet flavors of dried fruit.

Finish: Long. A warming oaky note lingers in the mouth for a while, together with black pepper flavors.

Lightly Peated – Triple Cask


This is a special single malt blend of three cask types: ex-bourbon, ex-red wine (STR) and ex-Islay casks previously used to mature peated whisky from Islay in Scotland.

The ex-Islay casks provide an additional layer of light peatiness and maritime aroma.

Each of the different casks contributes a complexity to the spirit, balancing and refining the different flavors for an intricate, lightly peated Whisky in Bloom.

Aroma: A delicate peatiness together with a malty sweetness, oak, followed by a touch of sweetness of butter & honey.

Palate: Light-bodied, notes of peaty smoke predominate at first, accompanied by the sweet taste of dried fruit and honey.

Finish: Long. The peaty note lingers in the mouth for a while, together with light oaky flavors.

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