For over 111 years the Pacheco family has been making the finest Charanda in Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico. The brand, “Uruapan Charanda” is named after the city of Uruapan, in honor of the Pacheco’s Charanda’s longstanding history in the region. However, the family’s history in distillation goes much further back in time. It was in 1907 that Don Cleofas Murgia decided to make the move from making mezcal to distilling sugar cane as at the time there was no money in mezcal and cane distillates were a more profitable endeavor. Miriam Pacheco carries on the Charanda making tradition and proudly runs the family business today.

The Pacheco’s desire to protect and preserve the region’s tradition of cane distillation is best exemplified when in 2013, Fernando Pacheco (Miriam’s brother) lead the charge in the creation of the D.O. (Denomination of Origin) protecting Charanda.

Charanda is a D.O. protected sugar cane distillate that can only be made in 16 municipalities in Michoacán. The regulations regarding the D.O. for Charanda is very specific and revolves around the unique deep reddish soil type that is found in this region especially. The original Tarascans, in their native language Purepecha, called it “Charanda” meaning “tierra rojiza”.

This red volcanic soil is extremely high in minerality and iron, when combined with warm days and cool nights create the perfect environment for the favorful sugarcane to grow.
The Pacheco’s estate grown sugarcane grows at an elevation of 4,180 feet above sea level. It is a very tropical bountiful climate in which in the areas surrounding the fields one will likely find mango and berries growing alongside. Also, there are over 5 different varieties of bananas (wild and cultivated) in close proximity to these cane fields. This certain environment is ideal for the cane, which stands tall against the beautiful vista.

All combined, these factors contribute directly to the complexity of the Charanda naturally forming a complex, fragrant, delicate yet somehow still deeply flavored cane distillate.

50%/50% D.O. Estate Cane Juice/D.O Produced Molasses Blend

Rich wet cane juice up front, savory lime elements. On the palate more of the same with light tea like qualities, bright lemon and mulberry. 46% alc.

Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles – Gold

2019 Ultimate Spirits Challenge – 94 points

100% Single Agricola



A toasted plantain entry with more brûléed notes of spring cut flowers and a refined funk quality, makes you want to dance but you won’t stay up all night.  46.5% alc.

2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Double Gold

2019 Ultimate Spirits Challenge – 93 points

50/50% Añejo

Aged ~22 months in ex-american casks. Sunshine and warm brown sugar on the nose, the palate leads you to light tobacco and sweet toffee notes but the brightness from the cane pulls through and you finish cleanly with a golden cane juice afterthought.  46% alc.

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