The ImpEx Collection is a labor of love derived from the heart of Sam Filmus, President and Managing Director of ImpEx Beverages.

He, along with his business partner Chris Uhde, has spent a great amount of time and passion selecting the casks that go into each bottle of The ImpEx Collection that you find on the shelf.

After over 40 years of combined industry experience, you can tell that each Cask is unique and special, offering the best that different categories have to offer.

Whether you find yourself looking for a dram of rare and unique Whisky or you feel you want a special and select rum or mezcal, you can be sure that each bottle of The ImpEx Collection will take your passion for a spirit to new heights.

The high expectations for quality and taste that Sam and Chris possess can be found in each sip of delicious juice.

While we unveil the offerings from The ImpEx Collection, we hope you will find the taste and style that suits you best.


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The ImpEx Collection Secret Japan 17 yo Single Grain Whisky

The ImpEx Collection’s first release from Japan is one for the ages. While we are unable to disclose the distillery, we can say that this is fully distilled and matured exclusively in Japan. These casks were        selected by Chris Uhde because they represent both the classic elegance of whisky as well as the future of what whisky will become. Savory and rich, we love this expression and hope you will as well.

733 bottles  43.6% alc.

This whisky was distilled and matured in Japan using Koji Rice, Barley, Yeast, and Water.


Tasting Notes:

Reminiscent of walking through a warehouse full of old casks allowing whisky to peacefully sleep for   another year.

 Weathering oak aromas are followed by raspberries and coconut notes that show on the midpalate.

The finish is white chocolate and oak.


The ImpEx Collection Cameronbridge 1992 28 yo Cask #115125 (Sherry Butt)

One for the sherried whisky lovers. Deep, rich ,dark flavors abound and are balanced out by a pleasant, dry finish.

What you can expect to find:
Dates, Figs, and Rai

Nose: Vanilla-scented raisins, honeycomb, raspberry jam, and hazelnut spread; with water, delicate jasmine and freesia.

Palate: The cracked crust of a crème brûlée, hazelnut-studded dark chocolate, gingerbread spices, and orange peel. Though rich, it retains a liveliness that belies its stately maturity.

Finish: Leathery oak, pipe tobacco, and burnt sugar. Lengthy, with echoes of red fruit at the very end

The ImpEx Collection 2008 12 yo Caol Ila Cask #313250 (Hogshead)

Heavy and briny, notes of coastal air on a hot, humid day. Old fishing nets and boat tar. Chipotle infused olive oil, salted baguettes, and fresh ground coffee.

What you can expect to find:
Coffee Beans, Ocean waves, and Chipotle pepper

Nose: Pungent, briny peat encircling vanilla sugar cookie, almonds, and salted fish.

Palate: Lemon-zest infused shortbread brightens up the savory richness of dark-roast coffee, cigar smoke, and mouthwatering salinity. Blackberries and raspberries lie beneath.

Finish: Cacao nibs, sea salt, and the lingering aftertaste of a cigar, laced with dark fruit.

The ImpEx Collection Caol Ila 2008 12 Years Old Cask #313250 – Its unpeated expressions aside, Caol Ila tends to offer a pretty stable experience from one bottle to the next. This cask strength 12 year old is no exception to that rule, offering a hugely smoky nose that’s stuffed with maritime notes, all typical for the brand. The palate continues the theme: sea spray, some smoked kippers, and a sharp citrus note that builds over time. The finish offers the only real surprise here, landing as just a bit flat, with some overripe fruit notes dominating. Otherwise, it’s as straightforward as anything in this collection gets. 116.8 proof. B+
~Christopher Null, Drinkhacker

The ImpEx Collection 2006 14 yo Glen Elgin Cask #9800012 (Bourbon Barrel)

Don’t let the pale color fool you. This whisky is both complex and alive with vibrant fruity notes and a rich malty backbone. The fresh apple-like finish encourages another sip.

What you can expect to find:
Green Apple, Plums, Vanilla

Nose: Fresh and bright with a basketful of citrus: satsumas, kumquats, limes, and lemons, plus banana, shortbread, and sun-dried linen.

Palate: Vivacious citrus zest and banana cream pie with graham cracker crust and a crushed nut topping. With a few drops of water, the bright fruit transforms to richer complexity: flamed orange peel, lemon tart, bananas foster.

Finish: Fresh citrus becomes dried, ending with green apple in a savory-sweet crust.

2021 Whisky and barrel Nite Consumer Choice Awards – Consumer Choice, Gold

The ImpEx Collection Glen Elgin 2006 14 Years Old Cask #9800012 – A big, classic Speyside, drawn from a bourbon barrel after 14 years and bottled at full proof. Glen Elgin is normally a pretty tame undertaking, but at full strength it presents with more punch and presence, offering a nose of toasty, well-sweetened cereal, barrel char, and fresh grass. The palate is surprisingly sweet, that breakfast cereal note popping brightly with a drizzle of honey atop a light touch of smoke, walnut oil, and some Christmas spice. Chimney soot notes linger on the finish — in a pleasant, wintry way that makes this warming malt feel destined for holiday time. 105 proof. A-
~Christopher Null, Drinkhacker

The ImpEx Collection 2017 3 yo M&H Cask #2017-0123 (ex-Bourbon finished in ex-PX Sherry HHD)

Initially matured in an ex-Bourbon cask and finished in a Pedro Ximénez Sherry Hogshead.

Densely packed with luscious flavors.

Nose: Dominant Sherry notes. Red fruits covered by light woody and vanilla notes.

Palate: Light bodied with light Sherry sweetness and fruitiness, red fruits, and dark chocolate.

Finish: Long. The dark chocolate taste lingers on the palate for a while followed by light tobacco notes. The wood appears at the end.

2021 Whisky and barrel Nite Consumer Choice Awards – Gold

The ImpEx Collection 1999 21 yo Orkney Cask #58 (HHD)


The perfect amount of delicate smoke for those looking to dip a toe into the world of peaty whiskies. Slightly meaty notes are perfectly balanced by floral tea-like elements.

What you can expect to find:
Tea leaves, caramel/burnt sugar, peaty sea air

Nose: Dried flowers and orange peel, salty sea breeze, and sweet smoke.

Palate: A masterwork of balance, with well-integrated flavors of rose water, raspberries, orange peel, and zesty cinnamon, laced with salty smoke and savory oak.

Finish: Lengthy, with persistent smokiness, espresso, and roasted cinnamon.

5 Stars from The Whisky Wash

The ImpEx Collection Orkney 1999 21 Years Old Cask #58 – There are only two real distilleries on Orkney, which really narrows down the options on this, particularly since Scapa bottled a peated whisky for the first time in 2016. So, let’s assume this isn’t a Scapa unicorn but is indeed Highland Park, drawn from a hogshead. It has much of the HP DNA, but not all of it, which makes it quite enticing. A gentle breeze of peat kicks things off, set nicely against a nose of toasted grains, golden syrup, and fresh citrus. The palate continues the evolution of these flavors, which eventually present as delicate and a bit floral, sweet and lush but with a nice layer of spice and just a hint of sea spray on the finish. Lots to love here, and highly worth exploring. Incidentally, this was one of the best in show winners at the recent 2021 Whiskies of the World competition where I served as a judge. 101.6 proof. A-
~Christopher Null, Drinkhacker

The ImpEx Collection 1993 25 yo Springbank Cask #94 (Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish)

The nose presents wonderful notes of warm, grassy fields and fresh hay which is complimented with subtle notes of cinnamon sticks and echoes of poached pears.

The mouthfeel is rich and generous with notes of unripened mango, orange blossom honey, and vanilla cream soda.

The finish is long with a pleasant peppery quality

What you can expect to find:
Cinnamon Sticks, Orange Blossom Honey, spring fields

The ImpEx Collection 40 Year Old 1980 Blend Cask #34

An Autumn Farmer’s Market with notes of tobacco and mulled wine cooking on an open wood fire. Melted dark chocolate, orange, and toasted cinnamon sticks. Notes of red berry and fruitcake batter. Dense and packed with stewed and dried fruits; dusty chocolate blends with a hint of bonfire smoke, and cherries left to soak in Bourbon.

What you can expect to find:
Strawberry, Fruitcake, and Campfire or bonfire

Nose: You are transported to an autumn farmers market with notes of tobacco and mulled wine cooking on an open wood fire. The distinct smell of sultanas being rinsed in whisky with melted dark chocolate orange and toasted cinnamon sticks. With time there is a rather more delicate note akin to a very well-aged Armagnac, bringing together notes of red berry and fruit cake batter.

Palate: It is dense and packed with stewed and dried fruits: plums and prunes, raisins and currants. There is something more lively with time in the glass like mint leaves and sweet tinned peaches. Dusty chocolate blends with a hint of bonfire smoke and cherries left to soak in bourbon. On the second sip there you find walnuts and hazelnuts with a hint of grapefruit and winter spice.

Finish: The spice continues into the finish with cloves and cinnamon balanced by dried mint leaves and thick juicy orange. It lasts forever, leaving you a pleasing dryness and flavors of earl grey tea and blackcurrant jam.

The ImpEx Collection 2005 15 yo Long Pond Cask #21VRW (Oak Barrel)

Orange peel and orange marmalade, burnt sugar, dark raisins, wet soil, basil, black tea, a kiss of funk, and big big Oak.

Laying in a hammock in the garden bathing in the warm sun. The time of year when the weather is perfect and everything can wait while you pause to take it in.

What you can expect to find:
Orange marmalade, black tea

Nose: Orange marmalade, curing tobacco, maple cream, and polished oak.

Palate: Creamy and rounded, with dark cherry, raisins, burnt sugar, citrus peel, and well-integrated herbs. 

Finish: Birch beer, cooked cherries, Italian hot chocolate, and tea leaf. 

Drinkhacker – Top 10 Rums of 2021

The Impex Collection 2007 13 yo Long Pond Cask #11ITP (Oak Barrel)

Candied apples, dunder, and burnt brown sugar with a touch of ivy, big oak, and fresh coconut.

Exploring Manhattan after dark, lots of energy and a little funk as the soundtracks switch by the block. Alive in the present.

What you can expect to find:
Candy apples, burnt brown sugar, coconut

Nose: Earthy, sweet, and mature, with hibiscus, overripe banana, vanilla pod, and dunder.

Palate: Ripe banana, orange peel, and brown sugar-coated pecans. Sticky and full in the mouth; molasses on sourdough bread with sprinklings of allspice and clove. 

Finish: Nutty, spiced, sweet, and earthy, remaining full for several minutes.

The ImpEx Collection 2007 13 yo Clarendon Cask #654MBKB (Oak Barrel)

Mint tea, bitter dark chocolate, molasses, peach, Oak with slightly sweet eucalyptus on the finish. Add water for banana and strawberry notes.

Walking in the fall woods at dusk just after a fresh rain. The frogs croak and the fireflies come alive.

What you can expect to find:
Mint leaves, molasses, ripe bananas

Nose: Dried flowers and orange peel, salty sea breeze, and sweet smoke.

Palate: A masterwork of balance, with well-integrated flavors of rose water, raspberries, orange peel, and zesty cinnamon, laced with salty smoke and savory oak.

Finish: Lengthy, with persistent smokiness, espresso, and roasted cinnamon.

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