Elements of Islay is a range of small-batch, independently bottled whiskies focusing on Islay whisky’s smoky, elemental character. The whiskies are presented in bespoke bottles as a nod to the notes found in so many of the island’s whiskies.

The core range comprises three permanent expressions: Cask Edit, Bourbon Cask, and Sherry Cask. These are complemented by limited edition single malt bottlings from individual Islay distilleries identified with periodic symbols and batch numbers.

The highly sought after single malts, identified by a distillery code and batch number, are bottled either as single cask whiskies or as small batches of 2-10 casks. Presented without added color or chill-filtration, each release is an expression of the natural, elemental spirit of Islay.

Elements of Islay Cask Edit

Elements of Islay Cask Edit is part of the new core range trilogy alongside Sherry Cask and Bourbon Cask. Cask Edit is a composition – or edit – of refill Bourbon and Sherry casks and is bottled at 46% for the perfect balance of drinkability and personality.

Rich, smoky Single Malt from Islay’s South Coast marries together with a fresher, fruitier style from the North. Sip and savor, or experiment in cocktails

Fresh Fruit
Wood Spice

46% abv.

NOSE: The aromatic notes of freshly brewed coffee, tempered with hot milk. Sugared almonds and white chocolate truffles are misted with light peat smoke. A fresh fruit basket brings balance.

PALATE: Sweet, with mineral qualities. Vanilla smoke and wood spice permeate through freshly baked butter croissants and hot, milky coffee.

FINISH: The finish is lightly smoked and sweet, with gentle notes of fruit salad.

Elements of Islay Bourbon Cask

Elements of Islay Bourbon Cask is part of the new core range trilogy alongside Cask Edit and Sherry Cask. It is matured in first fill and refill Bourbon barrels and is bottled at a higher strength of 54.5% to fully showcase the whisky’s natural personality.

Classic rich barbecue smoke from a South Coast Islay distillery combines with more subtle, zesty flavors from the North Coast.

Coal Smoke
Tropical Fruit
Maple Syrup

54.5% abv.

NOSE: Sweet aromas rise from a sugar jar with vanilla pods. The fragrance of vanilla-and-amber scented candles fills the air, along with fresh tropical fruits. Faint puffs of chimney coal smoke linger.

PALATE: A chocolate-dusted cappuccino, warm vanilla-custard brioche, and maple-syrup-poached tangy fruits appear along with a roaring peat fire. Butter icing on vanilla cupcakes follows next.

FINISH: Sweet, creamy vanilla with a hint of peat smoke.

Elements of Islay Sherry Cask

Elements of Islay Sherry Cask is part of the new core range trilogy alongside Cask Edit and Bourbon Cask. It is matured in first fill and refill Sherry butts and hogsheads and is bottled at a higher strength of 54.5% to fully showcase the whisky’s natural personality.

Islay Single Malt from a South Coast distillery brings flavors of dried fruits and dark chocolate, while a distillery on the North Coast contributes notes of lemon oil and Arbroath smokie.

Smoke Tea
Autumn Fruit
Winter Spice

54.5% abv

NOSE: The lingering scent of tobacco remains in an empty sandalwood cigar box. Arbroath smoke sits alongside aromatic notes of lemon oil, ginger root, and a hint of menthol.

PALATE: Rich and unctuous. Dark-chocolate-dipped candied orange slices and chunks of crystalised stem ginger. Muscovado sugar syrup provides a sticky, dark drizzle over date-studded ginger cake. Sweet smoke and dried autumn fruits sit in the background.

FINISH: Treacle toffee and smoky black tea, sweetened by dark brown sugar. A long, sweet, rich, and spicy finish.

Elements of Islay Beach Bonfire

Elements of Islay Beach Bonfire is a limited edition blended malt from two characterful Islay distilleries.

For this whisky, our Head Blender was inspired by the image of a beach bonfire on Islay – the colors, heady smoke and collision of the flames and sand. The perfect reward following an outdoor adventure.

This blended malt brings together whisky matured in New Oak, Bourbon, Refill and Sherry Casks. It is a powerful blended Islay malt with a rich herbaceous flavor, enveloped in bonfire ember smoke with a sweet spice finish.

Limited Edition – 480 bottles for the US.

Nose: Oyster shells and bonfire smoke blend with rich baking spices and subtle notes of cherry and tarragon. Hints of mint and black pepper temper lemon oil and caramel cooking on a wood burning stove.

Palate: Bourbon-soaked Amarena Cherries, with baked vanilla pods, cinnamon and light ginger are surrounded by rich wood smoke. Touches of traditional, medicinal Islay peat play against a wonderful herbaceous character.

Finish: Warm and long, with more wood fire and soft brown sugar. A gingerbread spice starts to develop long after the last sip.

Elements of Islay Ln2

Ln2 comes from a distillery situated on the coast of Loch Indaal. Heavily peated to more than 50 ppm, this combines first-fill Bourbon-cask sweetness with rich peat.

216 bottles have been produced from a single barrel of 2009 distillate for ImpEx Beverages as a US Exclusive Limited Edition Release.

59.5% abv.

CORE FLAVOR: Milk chocolate, earthy peat smoke, and papaya

NOSE: Walking through a forest after it’s rained – petrichor, damp leaves, and earth. Hints of milk chocolate and ripe tropical fruits follow.

PALATE: Tropical fruits become more defined as creamy ripe papaya, ginger and caramel offer sweetness and are countered by earthy smoke, layered with touches of menthol, white pepper, and char.

FINISH: The tingle of pepper and char fades allowing the tropical fruit to reappear with soft spice.

Elements of Islay Bn10

Bn10 is a marriage of three American Oak barrels from the Bunnahabhain distillery. Made in a rarer peated style, distilled in 2013, and aged for more than eight years. A dram full of decadent chocolate and pleasant fruit, rounded out by some brine and dense smoke.

732 bottles were produced for ImpEx Beverages as a US Exclusive Limited Edition Release.

54.3% abv.

CORE FLAVOR: Rich chocolate, bonfire smoke, brine

NOSE: Plumes of bonfire smoke emanate from the glass. Spicy tobacco leaf follows, and is enhanced by notes of sandalwood and black tea.

PALATE: Dark chocolate pieces with flakes of rock salt. Sweet barbecue sauce develops with char and Oak in the background, contrasted against orange oil, leather, and wood polish.

FINISH: Smoke and ash fades to leave honeyed black tea.

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