Sun Liquor’s Ball & Claw bitters are currently available in Rhubarb, Orange, Tiki, Cherry, Lemon, Herbal & Grapefruit.

These bitters are made with whole walnuts, Black Cardamom, Licorice Root, Black Walnut Leaf and a blend of bitter herbs. Aged in American oak for over a year the resulting bitters are rich oaky, leathery, subtly smoky and robust.
4oz. 45% abv.

An intensely concentrated Serrano pepper extract that has the intense verdant aroma of fresh cut chili peppers. This extract performs much like traditional bitters, creating balanced cocktails using heat instead of bitterness while adding an earthy and slightly smoky chili pepper flavor.
4 oz 28% abv

A tropical expression of cocktail bitters with exotic floral and fruit aromas that are truly one of a kind. Made from fresh, locally grown San Diego passion fruit, these bitters are tart, bittter, and have bright citrus notes which create well balanced cocktails. These rare and unique bitters are loved by Tiki bartenders and pair well with gins, rums, tequila, and coconut. 4oz 44% alc.

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