110 PROOF 

NOSE:  Old-fashioned liquorice, saltwater taffy, fresh oyster shells and citrus spray.

PALATE:  Sharp and stony initially, with an intense minerality that quickly becomes sweet and spiced – rich lemon oil with peat smoke, dark chocolate and crunchy barley sugar. The spice grows, adding stewed apple with cinnamon, along with heavy charcoal smoke.

FINISH:  Cinnamon spice slowly fades to a flavor of dried apples and pears.


NOSE:  Zesty lemon, smoke, and iodine notes come say “hello” at first sniff, followed by buttery vanilla and cut grass.

PALATE:  Surprisingly sweet with caramel paste, honey-glazed barbecued bacon slices, lemongrass and charcoal.

FINISH:  The finish is a bit spicier. The perfect companion for a BBQ evening with some friends.

Review by Anne-Sophie Bigot of distiller.com

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