San Diego Distillery

San Diego, CA

San Diego Distillery is a craft distillery founded in 2014 in Spring Valley, San Diego County, CA. Started by a husband and wife team, they decided to build a true “grain-to-glass” operation. San Diego Distillery set out to blur lines between the famous San Diego craft beer scene and modern craft distilling. Using specialized grains from the craft beer world and drawing inspiration from limited-release special edition beers, SDD forges many unique whiskies under one roof. To ensure that our malt profile shines, our whiskies are mashed, fermented and distilled ont-grain, providing a massive and robust flavor profile.

San Diego Bourbon – 12/375 90p

Our Bourbon unites the traditional beverages from two different countries into one unique whiskey. Made from 51.5% corn and 48.5% Vienna malt then aged in new American oak casks, our Bourbon combines the smooth maltiness of a well-made Vienna lager with the robust corn flavor of a traditional American whiskey. Hints of vanilla and caramel on the nose, finishing with lingering oak.

San Diego Rye Whiskey – 12/375 90p

Characteristically spicy, but not overly dramatic, our rye whiskey only uses 75% rye as a base in the mash. The other 25% changes slightly with each mashing to give these whiskeys a unique profile. While the rye malt exudes the main flavors of peppercorn and dates, the other quotient of the mash bill can create interesting yet intricate finishes that range from naked cocoa nibs to sweet hints of butterscotch.

Single Malt Whiskey – 12/375 90p Next up on our release docket is our San Diego inspired spin on an American single malt whiskey. The mash bill for this bold whiskey is based upon a Russian Imperial Stout beer recipe. Big roasted and coffee notes with a beautiful lingering of savory chocolate on the late finish.

Peated Whisky – 12/375 90p The city of San Diego, being the birthplace of the West Coast IPA beer style, was the main inspiration for our peated whisky. Using 100% heavy peated barley, imported directly from Islay, this whisky is a juggernaut of peat. Smokey in all aspects, yet with a complexly oakey sweet finish, this peat bomb has turned many non-peated drinkers into enthusiasts.

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