Prichard’s Distillery
Kelso, TN
One of the first Craft Distilleries and the first distillery to open in Tennessee in over 150 years. Prichard’s whiskies are small batch but still hold true to a classic style.

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Double Barreled Bourbon 45%abv
Highest Recommendation, by F. Paul Pacult Spirit Journal
Aged in new oak and then brought down to bottle proof before it is put into a 2nd new oak cask so that the final spirit has time to marry with the oak.

Tennessee Malt 40%abv
A small batch single malt aged in 50% new oak and 50% used fine rum barrels. Tennessee Whiskey 40%abv
100% white corn that is pot distilled, aged in 15 gallon barrels and NOT charcoal filtered.

Lincoln County Lightning 45%abv
Unaged version of their Tennessee whiskey.

Tennessee Rye 43%abv
Pot distilled Tennessee Rye that has been aged in small oak barrels to perfection.

Double Chocolate Bourbon 45%abv
The award winning double barrel bourbon that has been Infused with chocolate from the Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Company.

Sweet Lucy Bourbon Liqueur 35%abv
Bourbon liqueur infused with honey, apricots and cinnamon.

Sweet Lucy Bourbon Cream Liqueur 35 proof
Ultra Premium Cream from Wisconsin is used to blend in with Sweet Lucy Bourbon. The results are a truly delicious and creamy product that can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Fine Rum 40%abv 750ml and 50ml
2 Times distilled in copper pot stills and aged in 15 gallon barrels, It is a classic colonial style Rum.

Crystal Rum 35%abv 750ml and 50ml
Distilled 5 times in copper pot stills and rested before bottled.

Cranberry Rum 35%abv 750ml and 50ml
The Crystal Rum infused with Cranberries

Key Lime Rum 35%abv 750ml and 50ml
Gold Medallion, International Cane Spirits Festival

Georgia Peach Mango Rum 35%abv 750ml and 50ml

Prichard’s Spiced Rum 40%abv 750ml and 50ml

Prichard’s Praline Cream Liqueur 6/750ml

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