Catoctin Creek Distilling Company @ 10 Best/USA Today

“Bourbon, Rye & Whiskey: Options Outside of Kentucky With nearly 95% of bourbon produced today hailing from The Bluegrass State, a lot of tipplers neglect the outsiders Catoctin Creek Distilling Company | Purcellville, Virginia   Founder/Chief Distiller, Becky Harris Make: Roundstone Rye What makes it different? “Roundstone Rye is made from 100% organic rye, and unlike many craft brands, we make it from scratch here in Purcellville (never bought from larger company liquor stocks). Each batch is lovingly made from 100% rye, fermented on site, distilled and then aged in Minnesota white oak. This care to the craft ensures we deliver a gorgeous single-barrel whisky that emulates pre-Prohibition style rye whisky of the early 1900s.” How should we drink it? “I love drinking it neat, but it is also lovely in a cocktail. My favorite is a Sazerac with the Roundstone Rye.” If you could raise a glass anywhere in the world, where would you be? “I would love to sip cocktails with Earnest Hemingway in Havana. There was just so much going on back then, it would have been fun to be a part of it.”   Read... read more

SevenFifty Launch!

SevenFifty Launch! Introducing SevenFifty, an innovative new optimization platform specifically built for beverage professionals! We’re thrilled to announce that JVS is now a proud partner with SevenFifty in California! SevenFifty is an online portfolio system launched in New York City in 2011 to great acclaim from some of the city’s finest restaurants and stores. Connecting distributors like JVS– who carry boutique brands and hard-to-find vintages– directly with wholesale buyers, SevenFifty has revolutionized our industry and will make buying truly small-batch wine and spirits easier (and more fruitful!) than ever. SevenFifty was built by two industry veterans, Aaron Sherman and Gianfranco Verga, and an awesome developer, Steve Pike, with the buyer and the small distributor/importer in mind. Buyers can create a profile free of charge (through liquor license info), view participating distributors’ portfolios in their entirety, create wish lists, and request to set up a tasting with their wine or spirits rep. In short, it takes the guessing game out of liquor buying and puts more power into the hands of both the buyer and the wholesaler. Reps now have the ability to create custom digital (or print, but we’re feeling green) presentation materials, track tasting/sampling history and buyer reactions, and reference detailed product facts and figures – all in one place! Being a liquor rep is like being a freelance writer: you make your own schedule, but time is money and if you don’t manage it wisely, well, it’s a slippery slope. SevenFifty is here to save the precious minutes of our busy days! We invite you to join us on SevenFifty, peruse our portfolio and discover new spirits in an effort to... read more

Just In: Kilchoman 100% Islay 5th Edition

Kilchoman 100% Islay 5th Edition has just arrived to the US! Nose: Light, fresh and clean with peat smoke in the background. Palate: Light, fresh and well balanced with peaty smoke and sweetness coming through on the finish. Palate: Long, clean and sweet with soft peat... read more
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