Mezcal Tosba is a micro business founded by two cousins from San Cristóbal Lachirioag, Oaxaca, México. As migrants living in Silicon Valley, CA in 1999, they were inspired and influenced by the entrepreneurialism that surrounded them.

Mezcal Tosba is created by using traditional, and what is now called sustainable, agricultural methods of harvesting and distillation passed down by generations of farmers and mezcale-ros from the region of Cajonos-Villa Alta of the Sierra Juarez in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.

The agaves used for Mezcal Tosba production are estate grown and grow among co˜ee, mango, wild fruit trees and sugar cane.

The water is pure and clear and comes from natural springs flowing from the mountains. The rich soil, varied growing altitudes and pure mountain water are the basis of the fine and exquisite flavor of Mezcal Tosba.

Mezcal Tosba maintains high standards of quality and work combined with passion, pride, attention to care of the land and the use of the finest ingredients to create a unique, elegant and exceptional beverage.




Distilled from our ten-year old estate grown Agave plants, Tosba Espadin has a light nose and a smooth long-lasting citrus taste that exudes a fruitiness to the tongue. You will find a subtle flavor of smoke emanating from the wood fired roasting process of the Agave hearts. It is perfect to enjoy this spirit neat or as a base for a memorable cocktail experience.

REGULAR 750 ml / 42% Alcohol Vol
SUPRERMO 750 ml / 48% Alcohol Vol


Remarkable and truly distinct in character, Mezcal Tosba de Pechuga contains a unique combination of fruits including wild pineapple, bananas and apples. Our handcrafted distilling magic continues with the inclusion of a wild turkey breast and rice suspended over the still to infuse an added blend of ascending vapors condensing the tones to create a deliciously smooth Mezcal de Pechuga. You will find other flavors including a robust nose of almonds, basil and chocolate that will deliver an amazing experience to your palette.
750 ml / 46% Alcohol Vol


Tosba Tobala is a precious and delightful treasure, incredibly smooth with a sweet, aromatic and fruity nose derived from the wild Agave Potatorum. The flavor is a truly unique offering and a seasonal rare treat that is an exclusive handcrafted Mezcal for all to enjoy. Tosba’s mission is to protect nature by developing its own nurseries to sustainably cultivate this special resource in order to create a very remarkable Mezcal for many years to come.
750 ml / 49% Alcohol Vol

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