Mezcal Grulani

“Grulani was distilled following the most authentic Oaxacan tradition. Transmitting the spirit of the earth and its ancestral power to a drink that connects us with our deepest roots. During 300 years we have dedicated our lifes to handcraft mezcal using wild native varieties collected by hand in San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca.”

• 5th generation, mezcal producing maestro Leo Hernández

• The artisanal process and tools are exactly the same as their ancestors 300 years ago

• Growing their own agaves crops without man’s intervention in the natural and impressive landscape of San Baltazar Guelavila

• Designed Zapotec art to reflect their ancestral heritage

• Recycled glass for bottles and recycled agava paper for packaging and labels

• Base and cap are made of oak & cedar which is the same as the wood used to fire the oven


Tasting Notes:

Smoked and spicy in the beginning, followed by fruit and a slight astringency. In the same way in attack, with increasing and smoked spices at all times; On the palate, spices and smoke give way to sweet fruits and citrus tones. Dry and spicy finish. Well balanced with a great flavor profile.


Tasting Notes: 

Aromatic experience: Presence of wood, smoked and dry. When rubbing it in the hands it has aromas of cooked maguey.

Gustatory experience: The flavors develop towards woods, leather and it is dry in aftertaste. Complex on the palate, recommended for medium and expert palates.


Tasting Notes: 

Aromatic experience:
When rubbing it in the hands it’s herbal and has wood aromas. It’s fresh and has a high aromatic intensity presence of humidity, earth and it’s spicy to the nose.

Gustatory experience:
Tt has a high intensity of taste and a medium density on the palate, the flavors develop towards the moist roots, herbs, salt and spices. It remains at the tip of the tongue. Complex, recommended for medium and expert palates.


Tasting Notes:

Aromatic experience: The aromatic intensity is medium with presence of acetones, wood, spicy and acidic touches. When rubbing it in the hands it has aromas of cooked maguey and wood.

Gustatory experience: The flavors develop towards woods, then acetones, astringent touches and has a dry and woody aftertaste, remains on the back of the tongue.


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