Colorado Gold Distillery
Cedaridge, CO
Colorado Gold Spirits are distilled using a German Arnold Holstein Batch Reflux Still. The water is clean and pure, born at 11,000 feet and filtered by billion year old basalt stone.

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Colorado Gold Bourbon
90 proof
Single Barrel, four grain bourbon distilled in Cedaridge.
Tasting Notes
The nose has rose and maple syrup notes. The palate is extremely balanced between
corn, fruit, oak and brown sugar. long finish of sweet oak.
In May 2010 Colorado Gold Bourbon Whiskey, a Single Barrel Whiskey, was awarded a Fourth Place by the American Distilling Institute in a blind whiskey tasting event held in Kentucky. This was an outstanding accomplishment for the then three year old Colorado Gold Distillery to be in the top Four Straight Bourbon Whiskey Producers.  This has been blown out of the water in 2012 with our BEST IN CLASS finish.

Colroado Rye Whiskey
90 proof
95% rye mash.
Aged in new charred American oak barrels.
Tasting Notes
Toffee and spice permeate the nose with coriander, orange peel, and pumpkin spice.
On the palate there is fresh mint, more toffee, cinnamon, and slight butterscotch. The finish is a dazzling array of mint and toffee with a slightly smoky oak underpinning. Broad, long, deep, flavor throughout this whiskey with a strong finish.

Colorado’s Own Corn Whiskey
80 proof
Tasting notes
Fresh corn on the cob with a hint of alcohol.
When many think of a corn whiskey, white whiskey or backwoods lightning come to mind.  Although this is where its roots can be traced this heavenly brew is far from that.  Colorado’s Own is a highly awarded whiskey that is characterized best by it’s perfect amber color and aged in bourbon barrels until just the moment our distillers believe it has been reached.  The base grain of high mountain Colorado corn is evident in its slightly sweet taste and an amazingly smooth finish that will literally astonish.

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