Colorado Gold Distillery Closed its doors in 2020 – we do still have a limited amount of Bourbon and Rye left.  Get yours today before it’s gone forever!

Cedaridge, CO
Colorado Gold Spirits are distilled using a German Arnold Holstein Batch Reflux Still. The water is clean and pure, born at 11,000 feet and filtered by billion year old basalt stone.

Colorado Gold Bourbon

After a long wait in April of 2010, our first two barrels of premium bourbon were bottled, and it was immediatly an AWARD WINNER! In May 2010 Colorado Gold Straight Bourbon Whiskey, a Single Barrel Whiskey, was awarded a Fourth Place by the American Distilling Institute in a blind whiskey tasting event held in Kentucky. This was an outstanding accomplishment for the then three year old Colorado Gold Distillery to be in the top Four Straight Bourbon Whiskey Producers. This has been blown out of the water in 2012 with our BEST IN CLASS finish.

Colorado Gold Rocky Mountain Rye Whiskey

Based upon a grain bill of 95 percent rye and 5 percent malted barley… a classic Pennsylvania style rye recipe that celebrates the spicy, dry grain. It’s a younger whiskey aged for 1 year in fresh-charred oak then given in a finish in honeycomb staves.


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