BroVo Amari and Liqueurs
Woodinville, WA
Located just outside of Seattle, BroVo works with bartenders across the country to create and craft boutique liqueurs and amaro using all natural ingredients.

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BR 012 Chocolate – Guatamalan cacao nibs combine with cinnamon, vanilla bean and ancho chili to form a Mexican chocolate flavor. It is finished with agave nectar to about 10% sugar. – 25%abv
BR 014 Spearmint – The spearmint is grown outside of Bellingham Washington and
harvested from early April until late October. – 25%abv
BR 016 Doug Fir – 6 inches of new growth from 5-7 yr old Douglas fir from
the side of Mt. Baker is harvested in the spring. No more than 1/3 of any tree is
taken. It is then distilled with NGS and infused with agave nectar. – 25%abv
BR 018 Lavender – The lavender is grown in the Bellingham area by small
family farmers, then distilled into a vodka base spirit. – 25%abv
BR 020 Rose Geranium – The rose geranium is grown on the banks of the
Columbia River in eastern Washington. – 23%abv
BR 022 Ginger – Real ginger distilled with a high proof vodka and
sweetened with agave nectar. – 25%abv
BR 024 Lemon Balm – The lemon balm is light and refreshing
with a grassy note. – 25%abv
BR 010 No 4 (Release # 1) – A blend of hibiscus, a three stage citrus-
orange, lemon and grapefruit – and a handmade eucalyptus simple
syrup. – 30%abv
BR 002 No 8 Womack 30%abv
BR 004 No 9 Popko 30%abv
BR 006 No 10-Miller 30%abv
BR 008 No 11- Jonny DC 33%abv

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