10th Street Distillery was founded by two engineers with just one objective – creating world-class whiskies. Their whiskies are a product of precision. Of meticulous attention to detail. But they are also a product of adventure. Of willingness to erase boundaries. And break new ground. These whiskies are personal. The weren’t engineered to just meet a need, or fit a market space. They are not manufactured on an assembly line by a large corporation. They are crafted with great care, for you. They are made for one reason, and one reason only: to be enjoyed.

  • Grain-to-glass single malt distillery based in San Jose, California
  • Age-old methods, meticulous attention to detail, and a modern approach to crafting whisky
  • Double-distilled in true Alembic copper pot stills, for a rich, full flavor
  • Never chill-filtered to preserve complexity and richness, with water from the Sierras
  • Northern California microclimate and microflora contribute to unique flavor profiles that are both sophisticated and approachable
  • 2020 California Whiskey Distillery of the Year


Our Peated Single Malt has been inspired by classic production methods and fueled by American innovation. We source peated barley from Scotland, use mineral rich water from Sierra snowmelt, and age in bourbon barrels for a whisky that is smoky, fruity, and well rounded.

Nose: Citrus, with a peat smoke essence
Color: Light golden
Palate: Creamy full flavors of vanilla and dark red apple peels, turning into rounded peat flavors. A delicate balance of fruity and smoky notes.
Finish: Full bodied, buttery, with a lingering peaty finish
ABV: 46%

 2021 San Francsico World Spirits Compeition – Double Gold


This non-peated whiskey is our all-American creation. Matured in casks that have been shaved, toasted, and re-charred (STR), we strike a balance between the oakiness of American whiskies and traditonal Scotch techniques. We use domestic 2-row malted barley, double distill in all-copper pot stills and bottle without chill-filtering to preserve its complexity.

Nose: Lightly spicy with overtones of sweet caramel and butterscotch
Color: Light golden
Palate: Complex cherry-like sweetness with notes of vanilla bean, nutmeg, and clove
Finish: Smooth and round, filled with decadent flavors of candied fruits
ABV: 46%



Distiller’s Cut is a malt lover’s dream. We stick to Old World tradition for our boldest, smokiest whisky using all copper stills, imported Scottish barley, and age it in bourbon barrels. This Scottish American fusion hints of citrus and berry while delivering a woody, earthy, and smoky statement.

Nose: Sour nose with bright citrus, vanilla, and peat; heavy mesquite smoke
Color: Golden
Palate: Sweet high notes of blackberry, brown sugar, honey, and molasses; bran cereal, burning chocolate.
Finish: Smooth and lingering on the sides and back of the tongue
ABV: 44%



In this bottle is our interpretation of the essence of California, and its diverse people, who each bring something unique to this land. Our tribute to this melting pot starts with two of our California made single malts – the double gold-winning STR and the gold medal-winning Distiller’s Cut. We combine these with two amazing pot-still distilled light whiskies that we sourced from the old Seagram’s plant in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Light whiskies are distilled to a higher proof, creating a more delicate spirit and a canvas to paint on by blending in fuller flavored single malts. This creates a unique whisky with a refreshing taste, perfect for an aperitif before dinner (Highball anyone?) or even an accompaniment to a meal. 

Nose: Pleasant and immediately approachable, greeted with the familiar flavors from American oak cask, stewed stone fruits, vanilla custard, coconut cream, but also uniquely 10th Street, modeling clay, sea air, salinity, cocoa puffs, red pu-ehr tea, the first rain on dry concrete.
Color: Lightly oaked Chardonnay
Palate: Easy to drink, panacotta, light campfire embers, dandelions, and heathered honey.
Finish: Leaves you wanting more with glazed donuts, lime altoid sours, and lingering sillky mouthfeel.
ABV: 42%


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