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Stark Spirits Micro Distillery creates handcrafted, small batch premium spirit beverages. Greg Stark and Karen Robinson-Stark distill and bottle all their products themselves from the finest quality raw materials.  Stark Spirits has been certified as a craft distillery by the American Distilling Institute.

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Bronze Medal in GinCategory for Skyline Gin at the 2018 ADI Craft spirits competition

Orange Brandy Sunshine 12/375 ml 100 proof

Nose: Clean, bright – Orange Peel, roasted orange, slight hint of lavender, and winter spices (clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon).
Palate: Comes on hot— a flash of heat that dissolves into orange flavor, good mouth texture. Again a light taste of winter spice, stronger presence of orange fruit, then mellowing into just a bite of rind bitterness, softened by some sweetness of orange at the end, the taste of real orange.
Finish: Long and citrusy, clean and acid. The heat of spicy orange leaves a lingering memory of real orange.
Balance: Good balance, some acidity.

Rum Silver Sunshine 6/750 ml 80 proof

Stark Spirits California Silver Rum has strength of character that surprises and delights. California is not the Caribbean, and Stark Spirits California Silver Rum is not Caribbean rum. Think of characteristics found in a premium dry California wine. Our 80 proof rum presents with heat and a promise of sweetness at your first taste. The sweetness builds as you savor it, and the finish is warm and long and dry. The memory of the sweetness of sugar cane lingers, without drenching sweetness flooding the palate. The charisma of our Golden State is reflected beautifully in Stark Spirits hand-crafted California Silver Rum. Stark Spirits California Silver Rum has strength of character for a sweet, mellow drink… Alone, over ice or in your favorite Tiki cocktail.

Rum 151 6/750 ml 151 proof

Stark Spirits California Silver 151 RUM is setting the standard for California style Overproofed RUM’s. Reminiscent of pacific island adventures, fresh sea air, sailing, surfing, and California beaches, Stark Spirits California Silver 151 RUM is smooth, delicious. Even at such high proof, this RUM maintains a terrific natural clean RUM flavor. Crafted from molasses and pure cane sugar. It’s a RUM you’d only find made by american craft distillery. Try in your favorite super rum powered cocktail or Tiki drink. With a fire that is real, use it in a fondue, party punch, or your flaming dessert. Our 151 Rum is handcrafted in small quantities and available in limited releases.

Stark California Single Malt Whiskey 

Stark Spirits is proud to present the first release of an unpeated Stark Spirits California Single Malt Whiskey. Batch 52-05 of our California Single Malt Whiskey is 92 Proof, and is limited to just a few hundred bottles.

The wash recipe is based on favorite Porter Ale of Greg’s. The porter style ale is known for its rich chocolate and roast flavor, and these flavors have jumped the column, and made it into the glass. Double distilled you’ll find a nice clean smooth drinking spirit. Aging took place in a new American oak 52 gallon barrel for six months. In the last month of aging, ten gallons of a one month old spirit where added, giving more fresh fruit to the finish.

Stark Peated Single Malt Whiskey

Batch release of 52-12 of Stark’s Single Malt Peated Malt Whiskey is their second release of a peated malt whiskey. At 92 Proof it still holds all the character of our first release, excellent expression of peat in the nose, smooth sipping, and a nice rich balance of peat, and malt spirit.
Tweaks to the wash recipe, distilling procedures, and aging program have made the best yet to date. The wash that produced this distillate was from grain grown and malted in Scotland at Baird’s Malting. The distilling process, double distilled the spirit; and we adjusted the cuts to include more “fruit” for the barrel to develop the spirit with. Initially barreled in a Black Swan new American oak barrels for two months it was transferred to one of a set of Four Roses bourbon barrels to finish aging for an additional 6 months.

Traditional Aquavit

Traditional aquavit has the flavorful characteristics of rye bread and caraway in the Scandinavian tradition. Our distinctive spirit uses high quality Caraway and Grains of Paradise, and no Star Anise. Perfect served frozen, neat with any food, especially danish smorgasbord. Skål!

Handcrafted in small batches as individual as you are!

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