Roughstock Distillery
Bozeman, MT
First legal distillery in Montana in over 100 years. They ferment in open vats and double distill to produce their whiskies. None of their whiskies are chill-filtered. Their whiskies are made from local grains and snow melt water. All of the bottles are signed and hand filled. The distillery was founded by Bryan and Kari Schultz.

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Montana Pure Malt Whisky 90 proof

Made in with locally grown barley, double distilled and aged in virgin american oak casks. Vatting of barrels 2-5yrs old
Tasting Notes
The nose will open with touches of light fruit: pear, apple, and caramelized bananas, as well as soft barley. On the palate, the sweet malty grain flavor will dominate and then finish with the stronger barrel notes of vanilla, more caramelized banana, toffee, and a bit of tannin spice.

Montana Single Barrel Cask Strength 120+ proof
This is the pure malt as a single barrel, cask strength release.
Tasting Notes
Heavy fruit (blackberry, dark cherry, and plum) travel through the nose with caramelized banana and toffee in the background. The heavier fruits hit the palate and quickly fade to reveal stronger toffee, dark chocolate, and candied orange zest. The finish is long and warming and leaves the palate with traces of sweet malt notes and figs.

Sweet Corn Whiskey 100 proof
Made with 100 percent food grade sweet yellow corn and mashed with pure mountain stream water.
Tasting Notes
The nose starts off with freshly shucked corn on the cob followed by a faint corn liquor smell. On the palate, there’s more corn on the cob, maybe even a little butter in there, with a freshly popped, popcorn finish.
Simple. Clean.

Straight Rye Whiskey 90 proof
100% rye mash. Aged in new charred American oak barrels.
Tasting Notes
Toffee and spice permeate the nose with coriander, orange peel, and pumpkin spice. On the palate there is fresh mint, more toffee, cinnamon, and slight butterscotch.
The finish is a dazzling array of mint and toffee with a slightly smoky oak underpinning.
Broad, long, deep, flavor throughout this whiskey with a strong finish.

Montana Spring Wheat 90 proof
Double distilled from “Prairie Gold” wheat and aged in used single malt barrels. Finished in heavily toasted French Oak Barrels.
Tasting Notes
A soft hint of vanilla, honeycomb, and light butterscotch permeate the nose. The soft touches on the nose continue on the palate, with more pronounced butterscotch and honeycomb. It rounds out with a sweet spicy finish from the French oak that ends the tasting experience with a pronounced statement.

Montana Straight Bourbon 90 proof
Tasting notes
Fresh corn and floral overtones. Oak spice in the midpalate and again on the finish. Not too sweet but just the right amount of natural grain, molasses and oak.

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