La Luna Mezcal

La Luna Mezcal originates from one of the most agriculturally rich states in Mexico. Etucuaro, Michoacan, known as the “Cuna de Mezcal”, is where the majority of artisanal mezcal in the state is produced.

Tucked away in this mountainous and verdant region is the municipality of Villa Madero, the home to the Perez Escot family and Destiladora Las Azucenas. The Perez Escot brothers have been following their family practices of three generations to craft artisanal mezcal using traditional and biodynamic methods.

At an elevation of 1790 meters, the wild Cupreata Agave are harvested on their estate after eight to ten years of maturity. Shortly thereafter, the “piñas” are fire roasted in a stone lined earth pit using estate sourced white oak. The cooked piñas are then macerated by hand and fermented in hand-made open-air vats before being double distilled in a copper casoand pinewood still.

La Luna Mezcal expresses a light floral nose with a hint of citrus blossom and vanilla. The body is well balanced and flavorful with a deft touch of wood and an Earthy smoke finish you will savor. Mixes exceptionally well with tropical fruit and citrus flavors, or enjoy neat or on the rocks.

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