Tequila Gran Dovejo

Tequila Gran Dovejo is a small-batch, traditionally crafted, tequila made from 100%  of the finest, estate grown blue agaves that are exclusively grown and produced in the highlands of Jalisco by the Feliciano Vivanco Family. The acidic, iron rich soil in this region known as the golden triangle of the highlands, is ideal for growing large agaves with high sugar content. At peak maturity the agave is harvested, the heart of the agave (pina) is hand selected, then slowly cooked in traditional brick ovens for a minimum of 36 hours at a temperature of 194 degrees Fahrenheit. Once roasted, they are milled in order to extract the sweet juices. The juices are isolated and then fermented with the use of “Prise de Mousse”, champagne yeast, and wild yeast strands pulled from the estate agaves themselves. During fermentation, what has been called,“ The Mozart Method”, is used to optimize the sugar conversion. Gran Dovejo is double distilled using alembic copper pot stills

Unaged and bottled after distillation.
Color: Crystal clear, with a platinum hue.
Nose: Sweet aromas of cooked agave, honey, citrus and floral notes.
Taste: Soft and silky entry, sweet cooked agave pepper and floral accents.
Finish: Long finish and sweet peppery fade.

Aged in 100% white oak barrels for 6 to 12 months.
Color: Bright golden color with straw colored hue.
Nose: Cooked agave, vanilla, orange and spices.
Taste: Soft silky entry, vanilla, wood, dried fruits, and cinnamon.
Finish: Long warm finish with oak, fruit, and spice fade.

Aged in 100% white oak barrels from 18 to 36 months.
Color: Deep golden color with an amber hue.
Nose: Cooked agave, oak, vanilla, tobacco, butterscotch, and spices.
Taste: Rich and silky entry with vanilla, cinnamon, clove, orange spice accents.
​Finish: A long smooth oak and spice fade.

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