Gold River Distillery

Gold River Distillery is proud to be the first legal distillery in Sacramento County since prohibition. It is a small-batch micro distillery located in Northern California, just outside of the city of Sacramento.

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Wheel House Dry Gin 12/750 ml 90 proof

Wheel House American Dry Gin is an award-winning gin distinguished by a complex yet gentile bouquet of juniper, citrus and coriander. The first sip reveals a remarkably smooth texture uncommon in other gins. Wheel House opens strong with smooth juniper up front immediately followed by a bold array of botanicals and a spicy finish as its smooth texture becomes crisp, cleansing your palate for the next sip.

We think you’ll agree that our gin is delicious and approachable even to those who typically steer clear of other gins. Savor Wheel House Gin straight or in your favorite mixer for a noteworthy experience!

Wheel House 916 Vodka 12/750 ml

Wheel House 916 Sacramento Vodka is distilled from a mix of corn and wheat malt giving it a distinctive sweet and malty savoriness unlike most vodkas.  Drink Wheel House 916 straight, or use it in your favorite mix!

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