Falcon Spirits broke grounds in February 2011 in Richmond California within a stone throws away from the San Francisco Bay with the intent to produce approximately 15,000 6 pack cases of high quality spirits for the US Market especially San Francisco Bay area . Licensing, permitting and Capital purchase and installation of Arnold Holstein custom made distillation equipment was completed in December 2012. The distillery went into production of its first product Botanica Spiritvs Gin in March of 2013.

The distillery strives to source products locally when possible, without compromising the high standards. At Falcon Spirits attention to detail is paid in every step of production to achieve product excellence. The best of traditional and innovative techniques of production and ageing are seamlessly combined to produce one of the finest small batch spirits in the market.


Seasonal Liqueur

Raspberry Dry Liqueur

The finest California raspberry have been selected to handcraft this lightly sweet & well balanced liqueur.

Barrel Finished Gin

“Our Barrel aged gin begins with a brandy base. We distill the brandy from Northern California Grape wines. The herbal structure complements the grape and is thus different than our Vapor infused gin. The gin is then matured in brand new toasted French Oak barrels for a minimum of 8 months. The 8 month barrel is then blended with a small amount of younger barrels in a semi solera style blending, which gives the gin depth.

The result is a sublime cross between brandy and gin, with a complex, yet balanced notes of Juniper, Vanilla, Lemon verbena, and other hand-picked herbs.”

Botanica Spiritvs Gin

Botanica Spiritvs Gin is saturated with flavor and aromas of 13 botanicals that work in perfect harmony .

Beginning with aromas of Citrus, Bergamot, and Cardamom, followed by floral notes of Juniper, Cilantro, Angelica, and a peppery finish. This is a sipping gin. Yet, can comes full force in craft Cocktails.

Aperitivo Aplomado

This is a Gentian forward Amaro. The appearance is a striking all natural orange derived from Annato seeds. The aroma is floral with a complex bitter balanced against sweet; holding well in cocktails without being too sweet. The bitterness particularly Gentian lingers on pleasantly long after sipping.

Amaro Apolomado

An herbal liqueur that has a unique balance of the bitter and sweet elements, with a solid herbal backbone.
​​This is a unique Amaro, less sweet than most Amari and more herbal forward.
​​Aplomado has a lovely herbal and orange aroma, wonderful body, and mouth feel which lingers on pleasantly.



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