Sam Filmus, President of ImpEx Beverages Inc., quoted “We at ImpEx Beverages are likewise delighted to add the exclusive malts to our family of Brands. Specializing in independent bottlers and distilleries gives us the opportunity to work closely with the individuals behind them, allowing us to give each and every Brand in our portfolio the personal attention it deserves. Welcome aboard, Creative Whisky!”

The Creative Whisky Co Ltd was established in January 2005 with a simple mission of seeking out the very best Scotch whisky. Since its founding, it has bottled whiskies from 85 distilleries and shipped to 5 continents. The company has a growing reputation for finding excellent and unusual Scotch malt whiskies.

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The Exclusive Malts Batch #15


Exclusive Blend’93

23 yr

Speyside and Highland Whiskies all distilled in 1993 and aged for a minimum of 23 years in ex-Sherry casks, with a high proportion of Single Malt.

Cask type: Ex-Sherry cask

Non-Chill Filtered, Natural Color

Glen Moray’07

9 yr

A perfect example of American oak and Scotch whisky in harmony; the creamy, vanilla layers that have been sucked out of the oak combine with a soft and sweet malt flavours. Young Speyside at its very best.

Cask type: First Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel



Caol Ila ’06

10 yr

Caol Ila Distillery is situated near Port Askaig on the North East coast of the Isle of Islay. It is the largest distillery on the Island (which currently boasts 8 distilleries) and is also notable for having no warehouses for its whisky which is taken off the Island for maturation. The whisky is smoky as you would expect with a distinctly toasted malt flavour.

Cask type: Refill Hogshead

Stirk’s Gin

David Stirk, the man behind our beloved The Exclusive Malts line, is ready to show the world what his Gin is all about: made using the finest botanicals, including juniper and coriander, natural color and full flavor, expect hints of toffee and caramel, touches of vanilla and a sweet oak finish from this grown-up Gin.  It has been created, barrel-finished and bottled with care and attention ensuring that as much flavour is left in as possible. It has not been filtered and may go slightly hazy, but worry not: this a good sign! 

Islay ’08

9 yr

Rich and powerful with equal measures of heavy fruit and peaty smoke. As full bodied as they come and quite memorable.

Cask type: Refill Hogshead

Benrinnes ’06

11 yr

A rich and malty whisky, bursting with barley sugar and sweet fruits.

Cask type: Refill Ex-PX Hogshead

Camer onbridge

’92 25 yr

Rich fruit mix with dessert flavours.

Cask type: Refill Ex-Sherry Butt

Dailuaine ’07

10 yr

Fruit and spice and all things nice. This whisky has spent 10 years getting very fruity from the refill ex-Port Hogshead it was maturing in.

Cask type: Refill ex-Port Hogshead

Highland Park

’03 14 yr

Heather smoke and woodland smells mixed with mild spice and a hit or two of toffee.

Cask type: Refill Hogshead


Macduff ’06

11 yr


A rich and malty whisky, bursting with barley sugar and sweet fruits.

Cask type: Refill ex-Oloroso Hogshead



17 yr

A balanced and beautiful whisky from one of the most Northern distilleries in Scotland. Heather smoke mixes barley sugar with delicious results.

Cask type: Refill Hogshead



Royal Brackla

’06 11 yr

Vanilla and toffee dominate this sweet and spicy whisky from the Highlands of Scotland situated near the region famous for Macbeth.

Cask type: Virgin French Oak



Bunnahabhain ’86 30 yr

A fantastic old dram from this well respected Islay distillery. There is no smoke but layers of sweet oak, mild spices and delicious fruit.

The Exclusive Regions


The Isle of Islay is synonymous with peaty, smoky whiskies.  Using water taken from peaty burns and drying the malt exclusively over a peat fire results in deep, rich smoke flavors.  These casks are for the discerning drinker – of which there are many.

Single Cask, Bottled at 50% ABV
Non-Chill Filtered, Natural Color




Peated Highland

Made using malted barley dried over a peat fire, this whisky represents the historical flavor of Scotch whisky (as all Scotch whisky used to be dried over a peat fire). Whilst not as aggressive as the Islay version, this whisky packs a big flavor and will be a stepping stone for those not used to ‘peaty’ whisky.

Single Cask, Bottled at 50% ABV
Non-Chill Filtered, Natural Color



The Speyside region is the most densely populated with distilleries. After grain whisky, Speyside malts are the next most used part of the blending industry. These whiskies are not smoky and usually not heavy, although sometimes being matured in an ex-Sherry cask will add the depth.

Single Cask, Bottled at 50% ABV
Non-Chill Filtered, Natural Color





Single Grain

Made from wheat in column still, this whisky represents the backbone of the Scotch Whisky industry; the base from which all blends begin. Each cask will demonstrate the sweet and refined nature of grain whisky with candy notes throughout. A real crowd pleaser which will appeal to bourbon drinkers.

Single Cask, Bottled at 50% ABV
Non-Chill Filtered, Natural Color

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