The premise of Chapter 7 is simple – each cask of whisky is unique, and each one tells a story. The wood, age, temperature, location in the warehouse… Everything makes a difference. Two casks of a distillery filled at the same time and sitting next to each other can taste different. This is why bigger single malt brands marry casks in large vats so that the master blender can try to make the taste of the brand consistent. Chapter 7, a Swiss brand, is the brain-child of Selim Evin. He is a world-traveling entrepreneur living in Switzerland who was inspired by his Scottish grandfather’s passion for whisky. Selim thinks that each cask should remain singular to tell its own unique story. He was taught at an early age that casks are not just vessels but they give the whisky its character and soul. So he travels to Scotland and Ireland to hand-select single casks from different distilleries. Then he custom bottles each one with its own story. Chapter 7 editions are bottled at cask strength and are non-chill-filtered to present the characteristics of the whisky untouched. It is more than a business, it is a passion.

Chapter 7’s minimalist and natural design and packaging texture attracts a trendy and younger consumer profile with design awareness. Gift buyers that represent a large proportion of whisky buyers are attracted by the minimalist design and exclusivity. Each cask is chosen by whisky connoisseurs from the trade. Some casks are from distilleries that do not have their own distillery bottlings hence are interesting as collectables. Each bottle is hand-numbered to offer personalization.

“This photo evokes memories of days gone by. Studious men seeking knowledge amongst the chaos. Much like the Malt Masters of old learning their art in the pursuit of whisky greatness, When I raise a dram, I like to think of all great men who have been involved in crafting it. From the cooper to the Malt Master and everyone in between. Slainte.” – Selim Evin

Chapter 7 Highland Single Malt Whisky 19 yr

Nose: Malt loaf and Christmas cake, with a hint of fresh orchard fruit hiding beneath the surface.
Palate: Nutty and Sherried, with a little bit of chocolate biscuit.
Finish: Quite long and comforting.

90 points by Whisky Advocate

WoW 2017 Gold in the category of Malt Unpeated Finish

Chapter 7 Speyside Allt-a Bhainne 9 yr old

This single cask was distilled at Allt-A-Bhainne distillery in Speyside on 04.08.2008 and bottled on 04.09.2017 at cask strength without chill-filtering to keep the quality of the whisky untouched. The cask was finished in a first fill bourbon hogshead to give more depth to its character.

Chapter 7 Speyside Aultmore 9 yr old

This single cask was distilled at Aultmore distillery in Speyside on 03.04.2008 and bottled on 04.09.2017 at cask strength without chill-filtering to keep the quality of the whisky untouched. The cask was finished in a first fill oloroso sherry cask to give more depth to its character. 

“This small batch whisky and its design caught our attention and we hope it catches yours too. We’re pleased that it’s joining the ranks of ImpEx’s Independent Bottler range. It perfectly reflects ImpEx’s adoration for Scotch that’s natural color, bottled at a higher proof, and non chill-filtered. The depth behind the concept and what it represents made it an attractive choice for us. We were also drawn to Selim’s passion and enthusiasm that aligns with the philosophy of our company and those with whom we work.” – Sam Filmus

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