• Smokehead is a rich, seaweedy and intensely peaty whisky.The flavour is fresh, fruity and immense, with notes of sherry, iodine, toffee, smoke and sea salt all fighting for recognition.A really vigorous whisky not for the faint hearted … savour and enjoy!
  • Heavily peated Islay single malt whisky of the highest quality.
  • Like a cannonball – an explosive rollercoaster of peat, smoke and spice with some delicate sweetness.
  • Curious to discover more? Visit the official Smokehead site at www.smokehead.co.uk.

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Nose: Heavy smoke and peat. Amazing richness. Lemon, fresh ginger, plum jam. Salty and spicy.
Body: Like a cannonball – hits the palate at once with cocoa, peat and some honey sweetness then explodes with peppery spice and more earthy peat. Spreads to all the areas of your mouth with more peat and light sweetness.
Finish: Even more peat, spice, mandarin – then dries up. When you think it’s all over the peat comes back to hit you again.

Wine and Spirit Design Awards Gold

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2010 Gold Medal

Best Dark Spirit Trophy

Overall Trophy for Design of the Year 2006

Sprits International Prestige 2011 Package Design

Sprits International Prestige 2011 Platinum Best of Class Single Scotch Malt

Whisky Bible 2011 Jim Murray, 92 pts

Ambrosia Awards 2015 – Gold – Product of the Year Category

Ambrosia Awards 2015 – Excellence in Packaging (Graphics) Category

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016 – Silver Medal

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