From Scotland’s original combined Brewery and Distillery to your palate, Eden Mill Gin makes its grand entrance into the USA. History comes alive alongside the churning of the copper stills in St. Andrews – one of the oldest University cities in Scotland. Captivating us with its magical return to a lost heritage, this small-batch “craft ethos” brewery is reigniting its passion for distilling nature-inspired gins. Its self-grown harvests and natural botanicals contribute to this wild embrace of the elements in your glass.

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Spirits Journal by K&L Wines Review

Nose: Soft, subtle juniper with a rich touch of warm, spiced berries; Sweet vanilla and green fruits; Finishing in a delicate, citrus pink grapefruit and rose water
Palate: Warming spirit with juniper and rhubarb spice that mellows; Soft and sweet ripe berries, then hints of freeze-dried dark fruits; Touches of rhubarb and custard sweets are evoked; Floral hint of rose petal water
Finish: A long, warming finish of soft darkfruits; Moving to a sweet vanilla, floral finish
ABV: 42% 750mL


Nose: Strong citrus nose of lemon balm, bitter orange, and hints of light grapefruit; Delicate spice of coriander and clove through the midpoint; Sweet white fruits (pear, lychee, and melon) to finish
Palate: Well rounded and smooth, with no burn; Notes of juniper and green peppercorns, followed by dried sour notes of seabuckthorn and cranberry; A sweetness of lychee, rambutan, and pear under more sweetness in an orange finish
ABV: 42% 750mL


Nose: Light and delicate coriander and complex floral tones up front; A light, hoppy characteristics; Soft tropical fruit follows, with an undercurrent of juniper
Palate: A thick, rich, heavy finish. Spiced grapefruit and lime peel become bitter lemon and lime rind; Hoppy fresh citrus notes soften out to green grass meadows; Ends on a mildly hoppy bitterness and a sweet taste that lingers
ABV: 46% 750mL


Nose: Warming, oaky nose with fresh pine notes; Spicy green pepper and juniper overtones evoke hints of whisky; A fresh vanilla and caramel sweetness; Hints of cloves and mandarin
Palate: A warming whisky-like note gives way to a spiced fruit collection
Akin to a winter mulled wine – clementines, pears, cloves, and cinnamon
Finish: A long, rich finish lingers similarly to a sipping gin or whisky
Rich oak spice finishes with notes of caramel, vanilla, and a touch of fudge
ABV: 42% 750mL

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