• Since 1936, Ian Macleod Distillers, through its dedication to tradition and quality, has amassed an unrivalled cask stock from Scotland’s many distilleries. This enviable collection includes extremely rare malts, some from closed or mothballed distilleries. The Chieftain’s collection hallmark is that each bottling must be fit for a King, a Leader or in the Celtic world, a Chieftain
  • The new look Limited Edition Chieftain’s will appeal to the specialist, connoisseur, collector, enthusiast and those seeking an exceptional premium malt whisky gift. Each bottle is signed by our Chieftain’s Rare Malt Manager, and provides details of the wood type, cask number, number of bottles, vintage year, age and bottling date
  • The small batch releases of Chieftain’s are selected for the Spring and Autumn collections each year with a variety of distilleries, vintages, wood maturations and strengths being made available
  • The new, elegant antique bottle is reminiscent of a 1900 whisky bottle. It is decorated with a new style label design complete with new branding, calligraphy and watermark illustrations of Scotland, representative of the 5 different whisky producing regions. Each region is colour coded to signify the differences in the style of each whisky
  • The new more individual rigid presentation gift box, surrounding the antique bottle, in ribbed and matt black with gold lining, is a true reflection of the quality of the whisky, and with its folding back head beautifully presents the product. On the rear of the box you will find a label describing the various styles of whiskies you can get from the different regions of Scotland, all of which are represented in the Chieftain’s range
  • Chieftain’s is bottled at natural colour and unchill-filtered to preserve all the natural esthers of the whisky for fuller flavour and smoother taste.
  • Each Chieftain’s bottling has its own personality and may vary in strength, colour and style. From the very pale, bourbon cask matured to the very amber sherry cask matured
  • When finishing the whisky in a variety of wood, each cask is checked and selected by our expert noses and released only when we believe it has reached its peak and has not masked the personality of the original spirit
  • Multi-award winning
  • Bottled at up to 50 years old

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Previous Runs:

Chieftain’s Run #8

Chieftain’s Run #9

Bowmore 2002 13 yr, Islay

Nose:  Hints of burning rubber, chuck taylor sneaker soles, hot leather, crushed filbert shells, burnt lemon pinwheels, hints of salinity and sea breeze
Pallet:  More subtle, Lots of burnt things, coal, tinder sticks, newspaper
Finish:  Asian pear and lemons, with more hints of sea breeze. One for the peatheads.

Glen Grant 1997 19 yr, Speyside (PX Cask Finish)

Nose: Classic Glen Grant sweetness, baked apples, a touch hot on the nose, fresh newspapers, printing ink, poached pears, peanut butter
Palate: Similar to the nose, drinks older than 18yo though, astringent upfront but a kick of pepper award the finish
Finish: Richness kicks in the astringency starts to go away

Glen Keith 1993 23 yr, Speyside

Nose: Playful nose, powdered sugar, cherry wax lips, honey suckle, candied pineapple, hints of lavender
Palate: Quite unique, waxy mouth feel, pressed flowers, spiced gumdrops, applewood
Finish: Salt and spice drops, lots of pear, medium in length

Glenrothes 1997 19 yr, Speyside (PX Cask Finish)

Nose: Quiet, understated nose. Hints of oak spice, vanilla, apricot
Palate: Very unidimensional. Oak spice, vanilla Sweet tea, thin, bitter chocolate
Finish: Quite astringent

Glenturret 1990 25 yr, Highland (PX Cask Finish)

Nose: Rich, heavy, hints of spent match sticks, medjool dates, old canvas, humid attic, oak and more oak
Palate: The sherry presence here is much larger than the color suggests. Hot green houses, fine cognac, fuzzy and great cashews with fresh figs and cinnamon spice
Finish: Long finish, very yummy

Linkwood 1991 24 yr, Speyside (Hogshead)

Nose: Very Linkwoody, soft oak, light minerality, beach pebbles, drying beach hay, slightly salty
Palate: Effervescent, slightly meaty, boiled plums, cut orange oil, very nutty, marzipan
Finish: Very long, rich and salty

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